Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Industrial terrain: Pencil holder

I finished painting the terrain piece built from a pencil holder yesterday. I found the metal pencil holder at the dollar store and decided to use some tins, plasticard, and balsa to turn it into a functional terrain piece. I think the end effect is alright. You can see an unpainted picture here. I spent a fair bit of time detailing the rivets and things and painting the different areas. I am quite pleased with how the grey and green painted metal turned out and with the weathering on the posters. I am not 100% satisfied with the vents at the top that connect to nothing or the sandbag painting. The stairs are also too narrow to hold some models as they go up. It does all look suitably grimy though.

I like how the weathered streaks look and the rust around the grey plates. I used a wash with Gryphon Sepia and then lined it with some Tamiya Clear Orange. I think the orange makes the streaks pop a lot more.
This time I tried to make the paint look more chipped in places by using bigger splotches of dark brown and then highlighting the rust with a sponge mostly within that area. You can see this on the picture below.

You can also see here the little system I am using to create walkways. Each piece has these little 2" wide sections of barriers that neatly hold the piece of balsa on the bottom of the walkways. This helps to hold them stable and stops the walkways from always wobbling and tipping. It seems to work pretty well

A quick shout out to the newest members: Malachy and Naftka. A special thanks to Naftka as Rust and the city is now on the Faeit 212 Blog Exchange! Check it out here http://natfka.blogspot.com/. Thanks also to Ron at From the Warp for including me in blogroll number 3 (http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/). Thanks for the support everyone.


  1. I know you told me that you just glue junk together, but I really think you have a talent for making these terrain pieces. I have seen other people try this before with very little success.

    I am definetly thinking I will give some of the techniques and methods you use here on my own terrain.

  2. Thanks. I enjoy visualizing how the different pieces go together and trying to create logical movement through a piece.

  3. Inspired. Good eye.

    If you could crank this sort of thing out you could make a good bit of change.


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