Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ongoing projects

I have a number of ongoing projects that will feature heavily in this blog. I am terrible for frequently starting a project and then getting distracted before it is finished. I really love converting and building things, so many projects get only a bit beyond this stage. Hopefully this blog will help me to stay on track and finish a few of these ongoing projects.

Death Orks of Krieg
This is a small squad I have been building for deathsquads (a great 40k skirmish game similar to Necromunda and Mordheim, visit http://www.deathsquadsgame.com/ for more info and free rules!). They are orks who have been raised by the Death Korps of Krieg as an experimental commando force. They are now renegade. This force is mostly built. It just needs some finishing details and a whole lot of paint. Here are a few pictures of what I have so far.

First two finished Death Orks.
A shot of most of the gang. Lots of work still to complete.
Imperial Renegades
Another squad for deathsquads. These are humans who have been corrupted by chaos and have rebelled against the Imperium. They are made from a variety of Cadian, Catachan, Skaven, Necron, and other bits. This squad is partially assembled and converted. I have not fully decided on a color scheme yet, as the one I tried was unsatisfactory.

Some of the Imperial Renegades. 
Death Guard
As I have moved to Vancouver I have discovered that I will need to convert people to deathsquads through more popular games. So I am building a small Death Guard force. Death Guard are a traitorous space marine legion devoted to Nurgle. I have built a few models and converted them from the Chaos Space Marine box set. I am waiting for some conversion sets from forgeworld to arrive and some bits I have ordered so that I can begin seriously working on this project. My goal is to have a 1750 point force painted and ready to game for the November 24th Foodhammer tournament in Vancouver. Hopefully this blog will include lots of Death Guard fun over the next few months. Here are two pictures of the first two models I have built.

A bit of a poor picture. I am planning to mix forge world sets and greenstuff conversions.
Here you can see the greenstuffed bellies. I "weathered" the legs, arms, and weapons to fit in a bit better. I've also tried to create a flayed skin look on some of the shoulder pads using greenstuff. 
I am hoping to complete my board soon and to start adding lots of modular terrain to it. I want to keep everything compact for storage but to still have plenty of gaming options on it. I have lots of half complete projects that I need to finish...

Warriors of Chaos
I have a moderately effective 2,000 point Warriors of Chaos army. This army is partially painted. I keep changing my mind on things and taking things apart to change them. I will sit down and try to get them to a good level of completion soon though...

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