Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Test piece for board

Welcome to the blog. This blog will track my progress through various terrain and hobby projects.

First up, I am planning to make a small terrain board. It will be modular with 4 2'x2' boards. The boards are 3/4" masonite. I want the board to be reversible (twice the gaming space with the same amount of storage space). One side will be a ruined city; flagstones, craters, canal. The other side will be a metal tech style. It will work for Necromunda, the inside of a factory, inside of a space hulk, future city, etc.

I have created a small test piece to try out a few different textures and painting techniques for this side.

The first image shows the materials I used. Base is 1/8" hardboard. Left to right the materials are drywall tape, cardboard from space marines, and darche. 
The second image shows the test piece painted. I first sprayed it with a textured rust brown paint. On the top half I drybrushed on boltgun metal. The lower half I lightly drybrushed Americana Raw Umber. I painted the hazard stripes using vomit brown, golden yellow, black, and some masking tape. I then used a sponge to lightly sponge on layers on raw umber, bestial brown, and vomit brown. I did a small amount of sponging with boltgun metal as well, to show wear.
I'm not sure which paint scheme I like best. I like how old and decrepit the lower side without the drybrushed metal looks. It has the uniform look of corroded iron i-beams. I like how the drybrushed metal shows that this is a metal surface. Not sure yet which I will use. Definitely going back and forth on it.

Next I need to decide on the layout for the board and start cutting and gluing on the various textures.

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  1. Wow, what a lame first post for a blog. I really should have kicked this blog off with a bit more of a bang...


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