Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adventures in airbrushes and aerosols...

This last week has been a bit crazy on the hobby end of things. I had a few mishaps and adventures. A few posts ago I showed some pictures of my new airbrush set up. I have had some great successes with it so far and a lot of frustrations. Lets make this a things I have learned post.
"Arrrr! Lots of learning experiences here"
1. Spray paint outside. This one is really dumb. I decided it would be a good idea to spray paint in my bathroom, with the fan on and a respirator on. Terrible idea. After I painted I discovered that the extra aerosol had formed a grey film on everything in the bathroom. Fortunately it cleaned up well. My landlords also told me that their whole house smelled of it... Not good. Note to self, paint outside.

2. Use a respirator for airbrushing! After my first session airbrushing I had a lot of irritation in my nose. So I buckled down and bought a $40 paint respirator from Home Depot. Expensive, but worth it. There are some nasty things in some of the cleaners and paints.

3. Airbrush paints work well. They are already thinned, they paint nicely, and don't clog. They are pricey though as I know they are mostly just normal paints with thinner in them. As a beginner though, it is definitely worth it. GW paints have worked alright when I think with Testors airbrush thinner. Craft paints are a disaster though. Horrible tip dry and clogging.

4. Airbrush works well for base coating. I used vallejo white primer in my airbrush and got a good priming on my models. Nice and clean, no buildup and I could reach all of the awkward spots. And I can do it inside with only a few models at once. Works well so far.

5. Figure out how to properly break down and assemble your airbrush. Mine came with only one awful diagram. I keep changing things and making it not work as well. I am learning the hard way I guess. Today I had it set up so the needle did not retract far enough for paint to come out. A problem.

I did have a bit of success though. These first pictures show some models I have used the airbrush on. The two highlighted models were just some practice with zenithal highlighting. They came out alright. The white models were primed with the airbrush. The ork that is partly painted was basecoated with a brush months ago and then I sprayed devlan mud on him to try it out. I am fairly pleased with all of them.

These pictures show the slight progress I have made on my waste water reservoir. I basecoated the whole thing with flat grey primer. I then sprayed Vallejo Olive Drab Model Air into the bottom of the reservoir. It looked cool on the sides so I decided to do some nasty reservoir dirt over the bottom of the whole thing. I then sprayed the metal bits with a little boltgun metal. It is looking alright so far. Should be my dirtiest piece to date by the time it is finished.

Hopefully this piece will get finished tonight. I am away for work for 5 days and then I am at home a lot more, so more painting should get done. October has been a little busy so far.

1. Finish reservoir within a week.
2. Paint 14 Imperial Renegades by the end of November.
3. Assemble and paint 7 Death Guard by the end of November.

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