Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Completed waste water reservoir

The waste water reservoir is now finished. I did a few experiments with the water effects that turned out alright. In all, I would say this little project took me about 3-4 full hours of work to complete. It took me two weeks to complete due to all of the waiting between steps. It has inspired me to make a full canal and a big reservoir to really add some fun terrain to my table!

Since the last update all I have done is added more layers of Woodland Scenics Water Effects (the one in the bottle). This stuff is pretty easy to use. Just pour it in a few mm deep and let it sit for 24 hours. In the last post you can see it looked cloudy. It dries pretty clear.

I had a few small issues. After pouring the first layer and letting it set, my girlfriend got a bit excited a poked a hole in the first layer! Fortunately I was adding more layers. For the second layer I added GW Camo Green to some water effects in a little dish. I then poured it. It was looking too opaque so I poured some straight water effects into the other side. As you can see, it created an interesting effect where the two colors mixed. You only need a tiny bit of color to tint the water. Definitely no need to go overboard on how much you use. Another thing I tried was adding a few drops of paint to simulate where the water came out of the pipes. I did this on the first layer and it didn't ever really join with the water effects. It pooled in areas instead.

Notice where the two areas mix. Also, can you spot the easter egg?
It would have been nice to have the light green area a bit more transparent. It does add some interesting color to my terrain though.
I also added a small Skaven rat into the drain. The painting on it is terrible. I rushed. I also messed up my Devlan Mud wash by adding too much water to a dried out pot. Now it takes forever to dry. I think the rat looks alright and adds a little character though. The rat looks pretty washed out in the pictures due to the flash. It is not well painted, but it looks ok when it is hiding in the drain.

Welcome to Granesh, Carl Hayman, and Michael, the newest followers.

I'm currently working on getting some models finished for once. I am slowly making a dent in the modelling for my Imperial Renegades force. I am planning to have some painted by the end of November. I have a lot of terrain ideas that I am wanting to do soon too: mainly a canal, warehouse, and some necromunda style terrain.

Update: I added some new pictures as the last ones were not so great. The rat looks a bit better in these two. Still need to work on my picture taking skills...


  1. Very nice work! A full canal sounds like lots of work though :)

  2. Thanks Jabberjabber. If I built a full canal I have an idea for how to do it relatively simply. I am planning to go to the hardware store and buy some moulding to put along the edges, airbrush the bottom of some mdf for the water, paint the edges and then pour the water effects. I will also need to build a few bridges for it as well.

  3. Ahh, if only the internets existed when my friends and I were slogging out our years-long Necromunda campaign back in the 2nd age.

    Beautiful work, sir, and an elegant addition it would be on any table


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