Friday, October 28, 2011

Imperial Renegades conversions

After 6 months of inconsistent work I have finally added to my grey plastic squad of Imperial Renegades. The conversions are mostly done. I just need to fill some gaps and do some sculpting on the ogryn and then I should be ready to basecoat and prime them. These models are built for the Imperial Renegades squad in Deathsquads

Officer with flamer.
The models are built from a mix of cadian, catachan, empire flagellant, stormvermin, chaos space marine, space marine, chaos marauders, marauder horsemen, and khorne berzerker parts. There are a lot of random bits in them. Mostly they are kitbashes with only some minor sculpting to adjust joints and things. The cables and jerry can are from Dragon Forge.

The whole happy family. I am undecided about including the shorter model. I think it adds character (I tried to make the models vary in size a lot) but don't want to offend anyone with it.
Officer with flamer, ogryn with buzz saw (need to finish sculpting), Commander with power sword)

Militiamen with pistols and autogun.

Commander poses. I like the evil vibe of this model. I think it is the head.
I am pleased with these weapons. I have just one right now but plan to build a few more models with them as they look cool.
Suggestions, comments, and criticisms are always appreciated!


  1. Those look amazing. If I wasn't knee deep in da boyz right now I would have to start yet another army. =)

  2. Haha. I have thought about a renegade army too, then I worked out how many infantry or tanks I would need and the cost. Ouch! Fortunately deathsquads is squad based skirmish so I only need 16 models for this squad. I will make some extra to cycle them in and out but the small squad size allows me to spend more time on each model and add more individual character.

  3. Really nice work man, look forward to more of these. This skirmish based 40k sounds really interesting also so I'll check that out to.

  4. Very imaginative, great work! I especially like your commander figure!


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