Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More industrial terrain!

Once you start building industrial terrain, it is hard to stop! I am fascinated by the different ways to connect shapes in a way that tiny 28mm figures can cross them. As I put them together I like setting up little battle scenes with my models showing how they can flow together. That is really nerdy. Hahaha.

Not too much completion has happened this last week. Mostly due to my aversion to spray painting. I like to have a few projects and then do the nasty job all at once. I thought about just airbrushing, but thought I should have a solid basecoat over the strange plastic pieces in these.

This first piece is the largest. It is some type of refinery. It is two soup cans, some balsa wood, some foamcore, and a cool sprinkler pipe I found for $.89 at the hardware store. I experimented with capping foamcore with 5mm strips of cereal packaging. I think it creates a nice clean look that should paint up well. I added lots of rivets using my hole punch. I also experimented with cutting out little panels of the foamcore to create interesting recessed detail areas. Hopefully all this detail will paint up nicely. This piece will have green cans, I mean tanks (airbrushed them already) and the rest of the details will be flaky grey paint and sections of corroded brown metal.

You can see here how two of the new pieces nest inside each other for easier storage.
I also built a small waste water reservoir. I built it mostly from scrap foamcore and bits I had about. I have a big bottle of water effects that really needs to be used for something. An $18 bottle means I need lots of interesting scenery from it (Any ideas for more good water projects? I am going to make canals with a harder resin). I think this little reservoir will look really nice when painted up but will be pretty bland as far as playability as it is mostly just a line of sight blocker with a tiny bit of cover and some dangerous or impassable ground...

Finally, I made 7 connecting walkways for my walkway system. These will help to connect different terrain pieces for exciting skirmish battles high above the ground. After I made them I realized they also looked nice laid out end to end and would actually work pretty well for a space hulk/underground lair/factory/other things. I really like the asthetic of cramped tunnels and walkways and think that these will look pretty good if I combine them with rooms and other levels and different walkways and other cool things... Multi-purpose. That is what I like.

Whew. It feels like I haven't gotten a whole lot finished recently. There is a lot on the go though. I did a little more assembly for my Imperial Renegades deathsquad as well. I have a great leader that just needs arms pinned before I post a WIP shot of him up here. I need to get back into painting mode again though.

Last week was a very exciting week for the blog as well. I got a mention in From the warp's Weekly blog feature which was a great honor. I added a few new blogs to the blog list including Santa Cruz Warhammer and Stahly's Tale of Painters. Check them out in the blog list of the side. I also added a deathsquads banner to the side. You can check out the deathsquads website here. They have the rules for their great 40k skirmish game available for free if you register. I have played a few games with the rules and really love them. It is a great community too.

Finally, welcome to all of the new members including redscorps (fan of your tank weathering!), MSP, samson, hivemind, son of taurus, Olli, Karrde, and Matt. Bring your friends! Comment here and I can add you to my blog list! Come back soon when I have some paint on my mountains of terrain and minis that are needing paint...


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