Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My first airbrush

I took the plunge. After a few months of indecision I decided to purchase an airbrush and compressor. I bought a TC-20T compressor and Master G34 airbrush from TCP Global. I looked locally but couldn't find any hobby compressors (I live in a basement suite, so noise is important) that had tanks. 

Compressor: TC-20T 
Airbrush: Master G34
At first I couldn't get any air to flow through the regulator. I got air into the water purge but couldn't get any psi. Eventually I figured out that the stop knob of the regulator pulls up to adjust and goes down to lock. The instructions were a little vague.

Why did I get an airbrush? Many reasons really. Although I like painted models and cool color schemes I have never really liked brushes and using brushes themselves all that much. I find basecoating models to be really tedious. I am excited to try painting from an airbrushed base and highlights as it should speed things up quite a lot. I also wanted an airbrush to speed up terrain painting and to allow me to spray foam.

I did a quick test on some old minis last night to try it out. I have a zenithal highlight scheme from Les Bursley's site (awesomepaintjob.com) in mind for my death guard. I thought I would try it out quickly on an old eldar and old Bretonnian bowman. I based the models quickly with vallejo olive drab and then did zenithal highlights with bubonic brown and vallejo dead flesh. It was surprisingly easy to do. I am hoping that I will only get better with practice and new thinner (bought some today).

This picture is pretty bad but you can see the basic zenithal highlights. Will be much better after a wash. The bubble on the leg is from my poor primering job about 14 years ago... This was one of the very first models I ever got.
Lots of news on the blog sharing front this week. I've been bugging lots of the blog exchanges and got added to a few. I've joined the blog exchanges on International House of Paincakes and Faeit 212. Naftka from Faeit 212 was also nice enough to feature my blog here and House of Paincakes here.

Welcome also to new members jabbajabba, WarlikeRogue, CounterFett, O'Shashar, Lorenzo Calvi, and Alviro.

Two members have asked me to add their blogs to the blog exchange as well. Check out O'Shashar's blog as he completes a Tale of 3 Gamers over at http://Cupboardofnurgle.blogspot.com/. Also on the docket is Vitor's blog http://aureliuslegion.blogspot.com/. Vitor's latest post focuses on weathering, a topic close to my heart.

If you are interested in joining my blog exchange just post a message in the comments section with your url and I will be happy to add it. Feel free to add me to your blogroll if you find this blog interesting. Drop me a line so I can check your blog out in return.



  1. I will look forward to seeing how the airbrush goes as I have been tempted to get one but is a big investment with no experience of them and wish you the best of luck.

  2. Lucky guy getting an airbrush, now I want one.

  3. O'Shashar, I am interested too! I can already see lots of advantages. I got some primer to I can prime inside. I can basecoat in any color pretty quickly. I can spray terrain in different colors. Downsides-it is still a little noisy and annoys my significant other if she is working.

    Sean-I'll let you know how the airbrushing goes. I imagine it would be really helpful for those flames of war figures of yours. Hopefully it speeds up my painting rate... Let me know if you come to Van and we can have a game! I am building am imperial renegade leader just now. Just need to stick on his arms and clean him up.

  4. I have the same problem that Cameron mentioned... NOISY. And the vibration does not helps much either!

    I did LOTS of base coating with mine. TIP. If you make the paint a little watery, you can be 'careless' and not be too concerned if it covers some details. After a minute or so, just remove the paint flask (so you blow clean, dry air) and blow excess paint off. WORKS GREAT!


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