Sunday, October 23, 2011

Terrain update: Waste water reservoir

Here are some more work in progress pictures from my waste water reservoir piece. In the last post I showed the work I had done with the airbrush. Since then I added some chipped paint and rust using a sponge and then water marks and stains with Tamiya Clear Orange and GW Gryphonne Sepia.

I then used Woodland Scenics Water Effects (in a bottle) for the first layer of water. I added a little Vallejo Olive Drab Model Air to tint the water color too. I still need to add another two layers of water to complete it. I am a bit on the fence about Woodland Scenics Water Effects. It is really easy to apply and creates a decent looking water. You have to be careful to only apply a little at a time though as it can cause the paint to crack as it shrinks. I don't really like the final finish though as it collects dust, is a bit hard to clean, and can be deformed by models. Once I finish this bottle I would try to find a resin or varnish based finish to increase the toughness of the finished model.
Water is a bit cloudy after I applied it. Hopefully it will be better once it is set.
The interesting tank at the back is the container that a printer cartridge came in. They are really interesting looking and fit perfectly for industrial terrain. I've been thinking about trying to get extras at the store.
I should have this model finished soon and will post up some pictures when it is done. If anyone has any tips for some additional weathering to complete this piece I would love to hear it. I want to push myself more, so any tips or ideas are always appreciated.

Welcome also to new followers Ron (from "from the warp", a great blog, I am a big fan), Chaos Heade, Not so great wolf, and master slow poke.

I've also added a new blog to the blog list. My friend Sean has created a new blog called The War Room. Sean has shared some of his completed minis and is currently working on lots of Flames of War and historical miniatures. He and I had a brief deathsquads campaign last year but have not played together recently as he and I have both moved. Hopefully he will share some squads and conversions!


  1. really great work!!! awesome!!

  2. wow that looks really good.
    the see throughness of the water is amazing

  3. Beautiful work man, I totally love the super-grimy effect on it, and the chevrons and posters finish the urban effect!

  4. I love your terrain. This piece is just awesome sauce.

    The water effect is excellent, and it looks like you are one of the few people that take the actual game play into effect for your terrain.

    Models can actually fit on your work, and I can see battles taking place within it.

  5. Thanks for the kind words.

    SC Mike-still 2 or 3 coats of water effects to go, hopefully the cloudiness will disappear a bit.

    Granesh-I agree. The posters and other bits add a splash of color to each piece.

    Natfka-I try to imagine a logical way models can move through each piece. I have been primarily building them for skirmish games, so access is important. This piece was just a bit of a quick, fun piece that neatly fits inside the base of another piece. Therefore the playability is not quite as good.

    Thanks for all the comments!

  6. I never thought about the clear orange for rust. Thanks ill have to give that a try.

  7. It works pretty well. I saw it on some chaos renegades and decided to try it for terrain. The trick with clear orange is not to over do it though. I need to stop trying to add it over posters, as it looks bad. I usually add clear orange over a gryphon sepia streak so it is a bit more natural and muted.


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