Monday, November 28, 2011

Death Guard Conversion

I've converted a death guard model to add to my renegades squad. The model was built using the Forge World Death Guard torso and shoulder pads. The legs, gun, and upper arms are from the chaos space marine box (and a berzerker arm too I think). The chains and scythe are from the chaos manticore lord box set.

I spent some extra time on this model trying to build a dynamic base. I know people are divided on large gaming bases. I wanted to make him stand out and look like a bit of a display piece.

In game terms, this should be a versatile piece. Deathsquads has the option for a chaos cultist squad lead by a space marine. I figure that this model and some new heros will allow my renegades to serve duty in two different squads. In 40k I think I can use him as a CSM lord in power armour or a sorcerer. We will see what the new Chaos Legions book brings us. I have a sneaky feeling that daemon weapons and specific weapons like the manreaper are going to make a big comeback.

I have some ideas for how I want to paint this model. I tried out an airbrush heavy technique on my other death guard test models. I think I am going to try painting this model primarily with glazes. Hopefully I will have this one finished by the end of the week. Check back later this week for some painting updates.


  1. It's not a bad looking model, but I'll reserve judgment until there is some paint on it. I've seen enough unpainted models to last a lifetime, several lifetimes...


  2. Hahaha. So true. I've been trying to improve my conversion to painting ratio recently! Trying not to do too many conversions in between paint jobs. Should have this one painted soon and then the nurgle sergeant and ogryn once I get a 40mm base.

  3. Very cool miniature, though (at least in my opinion) it is the base that really finishes off the minis.

    Looking forward to seeing how you'll paint him up, definitely looks like you're having fun with him!

  4. Great mini and great base. An idea ripped from my head ... at least that's what the envious side of me wants to believe!

    Keep up the good work, this is a great conversion.

  5. Love everything about this mini except for the Scythe. Just seems too darn large and out of place. Death Guard seem to me to be a practical Chapter and that huge weapon is anything but imo.

    - Dai

  6. Deadestdai-I hadn't realized just how huge the scythe is until you mentioned it. Hahahaha. It is quite ridiculously large. The manreaper scythe is the signature weapon of the death guard though, is it not? Mortarion, Typhus, and Mortarion's guard all carry it. I modelled this one with a scythe as it is an option in Deathsquads.

    Hephesto-Glad you like the base. He has been a blast to work with so far.

    Terminator-it's not really a very original conversion. The deathguard torsos make everything look much better. Mostly just an arm swap and a few bitz glued on. I'm glad you like it though.

  7. O yeah, lots of scythes in the DG. Maybe he could be a standard bearer of some sort? Or just a nasty stinky plague marine with an huge choppy weapon! :)

  8. I was thinking maybe he would make a good sorcerer in power armour.

  9. Funny, the Scythe is what drew me to this post. Love the conversion, and the basing is great as well. Must know, what kit did you get the Scythe from?

  10. Good lord, I have the exact same problem with the converted/painted ratio. Don't get me wrong, I love painting. . . but converting has some kind of unnatural hold over me. (eyes roll to back of head. . . profuse drooling begins. . . moans "greeeenstuuuuufff".)

    Also, I'm following you on my new blog. . . would you add me to yours?


  11. I added your blog Chad. Very cool conversions.


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