Monday, November 14, 2011

Painted Imperial Renegades

After almost a year of being unable to decide/not having the skills to paint my imperial renegades I have finally finished four models. I tried lots of new (to me) techniques on these models. These are the first painted models intended for my Imperial Renegades squad for the skirmish game Deathsquads. Some of the conversions for this squad can be seen in this post.

A group shot. Vox caster, flamer, militia with autopistol and combat weapon and militia with autogun.
I tried using Ron's tutorial from "From the warp" to paint the soot stained barrel on the flamer. I think it turned out pretty well. These pictures made me realize that I really need to paint the flamer's eyes. Painting eyes always makes me nervous though...
The nasty blood on the spike was painted using a 1:1 mix of Tamiya Clear Red and Vallejo Charred Brown. I added two layers to really get a nice effect. The greasy metal color was achieved using a mix of thinned Tamiya Clear Orange and Badab Black wash.
I added dirt to the robes by lightly spraying them with Vallejo Game Color Earth (after the clogs cleared out of my airbrush). The bases were all built using scraps of cardboard, plastic, and wire and a mix of sand and medium ballast.
All of the cloth and leather areas were painted by glazing different colors. I didn't do any highlighting on the cloth itself.
I also tried a new technique for painting skin. I painted a thin base of Tallarn Flesh and then washed and highlighted it up by mixing in more of a light cream color. I think the blending looks better this way. All of the tones fit together fairly well.

The colour scheme was inspired by Mika's work on warseer and photobucket.

I am pleased with how these models turned out. Now I just need to paint another 14 of them and this squad should be (mostly) complete. I like how the hoods look, so I might get some more cadians and convert a few more when I get the chance.

Finally, welcome to new members dylangould, blitzspear, ricalope (I'm a fan, I heard of your site from chaoticorder when I was in Victoria), Dai Dead, Warsflake, and Spankyhojek. Thanks also to the Santa Cruz Warhammer Honour Roll for listing my conversions! Thanks for your support everyone. This blog is up over 2,000 views now in the first month and a half.

Comments, criticisms, tips, and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


  1. Not having the skills? I think you nailed it. The glowing eyes are fantastic, nice work!

  2. You should see the previous test model I did for these. I haven't painted too much lately, but I have been learning lots from the blog network so my skills have improved a lot on these last few models. I'm glad you like the glowing eyes. I was pretty skeptical about them as I painted them. They really stand out though.

  3. These guys came out pretty well. I think you should paint the eyes of the models not in hoods. I've advanced even less far in my renegades army. I haven't ordered any of the Forgeworld stuff, all I have is one test miniature. I plan to use a lot of different figs for my army including some old Necormunda figures which have sat unpainted for well over a decade.

  4. I agree Muskie. I should paint the eyes. I always have trouble with the eyes though and dread painting them a bit. The eyes on the flagellant head are tiny. The eyes on the marauder head will not be too bad to do though. Your necromunda renegade figure looks good.

  5. Yeah, and congrats on making Tales from the Network!

    Want to blog exchange? Mine is the Mid-West Monster Lab @

  6. The guy with the white beard reminds me of Moses for some reason...I guess he parted the red sea with the power of chaos! Who knew?

  7. Matthew-I hadn't seen that I was on the Tales from the Network (Stahly's Tale of Painters). Thanks. Congrats on your display piece making it to. I will add you to the blog list here.

    Damn the valley-that's funny.

  8. Looks great to me. Those eyes/lenses contrast perfectly with the rest of the scheme.

    Keep them coming.

  9. Thanks Deadestdai, I have another 6 that are primed and ready for painting. Hopefully I will finish them by the end of this week sometime.

  10. I like how they turned out. The spike is a particularly nice touch.

  11. Thanks. I am quite partial to the spike myself.


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