Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tutorial: Servitor conversions and showcase

Update: I have added pictures of the painted model to the bottom of this post. I've also added a few examples that Komfritten from the deathsquads forums built as well. I hope this post inspires some of you to build your own servitors!

I spent a few minutes today putting together this exciting gun servitor for my imperial renegade squad. I found a great tutorial last night here and had to make one for my chaos militia.

The torso is a chaos space marine. The cables are Dragon Forge cables of various sizes. The claw is from the Ork runtherder.

I first glued the torso together and glued on a suitable head. I didn't add the CSM backpack as I didn't want the full marine silhouette. I drilled a hole in the base and in the torso and pinned it using a paper clip. I then added a blob of greenstuff under the torso and stuck in cables of various sizes. I bent the cables back a little to add the appearance of motion.

I decided on a claw and a flamer for the weapon arms. I cut a small piece of plasticard tube and attached it with super glue and greenstuff to each arm socket. I then drilled a little hole at the base of the backpack attachment and at the handle of the gun and made a little cable from really thin plasticard tubing (it was a pain, try to find something more bending if you try this yourself.

I built the base by using a bit of cork, then some plasticard bits, some wire, a little tube, and a bit of sprue. I used the sprue to attach the paperclip to the torso as it provided a solid attachment point.

In total, I probably spent under an hour on this conversion. You could use any bits you have around and make an interesting and unique model.

Here is my finished servitor.

Here are two servitors built and painted by Komfritten from the Deathsquads game forum.

You can see that Komfritten has used a CSM head, terminator arm, space marine backpack and torso and some other bits and wire to build this model. I especially like the wires.

And another servitor from Komfritten.

This model by Komfritten in even more creative. He has an awesome hook weapon, a heavy bolter, and a space marine bike wheel to run around on. The great thing about these conversions is you can use bits from just about anywhere.

Wow. That's a lot of custom automaton goodness added now. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. If anyone has been inspired to build some servitors and would like them featured here just post a link to some pictures in the comments section and I will be more than happy to add them in.


  1. I had never seen the original tutorial, thanks for the link!

    Also; your Chaos version looks amazing! Well done, sir.

  2. Thanks, I hope to add a picture of it painted very soon.


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