Monday, November 21, 2011

WIP Imperial Renegade Sergeant Conversion

Here are some quick pictures of a Renegade Sergeant conversion I have been working on. The base model is the new plastic Warriors of Chaos Warhammer Nurgle Lord. I am tempted to get a few copies of this model and convert one for each of my armies. Lets see how this one goes first. I am really loving the new plastic heroes released this year. I have 4 or 5 more plastic heroes in my bits box just waiting for some conversion fun.

This conversion is not quite complete. I still need to sculpt the left arm but need to let the greenstuff set first.

As soon as I saw this model released I knew it would be perfect to represent a Renegade Sergeant with the "Unnatural enhancement" mutation in Deathsquads (basically, he is just huge and gets +1S, +1T, +1W). The cables are Dragon Forge cables (which are excellent). The arms are chaos space marine arms. It was really fun sculpting the stomach and arms and mask. I tried a few little techniques that I will try to show in the final pictures. I added more holes and rips to the mask and wear to the armour to help it to match the rest of the model.

Welcome to new followers cadaver, zanazaz, rogue pom, and oink. Hopefully I will get some paint on this model soon. I have 6 other models primed and that I have begun to paint. Once those are done I will get some paint on this guy and the servitor. Back to painting.


  1. Brilliant work, the "renegade wearing cowl" is always a cool looking mini and you nailed it. Great work!

  2. Thanks Matthew. I really like the cowl look as it is always so ominous. We'll have to see how it looks painted up though.


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