Thursday, December 15, 2011

Renegade Sergeant Painting WIP

Last week I showed pictures of my conversion of the plastic Nurgle Lord into a renegade sergeant. I have him about 80% painted now and I thought I should share some work in progress pictures. If you want to see the conversion before paint, check it out here.

Where I am currently at. Just the black, brown highlights, some glazes, the base, and some oozing gunk left to go.

This model has been really interesting to paint. I often find that my painting skills do not do a model or conversion justice. And so I often find myself putting off painting a favourite model or HQ model. I decided to bite the bullet and just get on with the painting though. Afterall, I'd like another 2 or 3 copies of this model for other forces...

The painting has definitely been a process. I read an interesting article recently about blending highlights and shadows basically by quickly wet blending using a slightly damp (with saliva!) brush. I've been trying it out on this model. The best example is the shadows on his leg around. I am really pleased with how it has turned out. I also used it a bit on the skin. I also experimented with using GW washes, wiping them off the brush, and the glazing the flesh on the model for bruising around the stump.

The mask has been the biggest challenge though. The basecoat colour didn't look very good and my highlights just kept making it look worse. I am finally satisfied (not really happy though) with the tone it currently is at. I realize that adding a glow around the eyes will change how it looks as well. So I may still add another wash after painting the glow around the eyes.

Here are some of the different iterations the mask painting went through before reaching this stage.
The mask looked like this tonight before I added many washes and glazes. Too white.

Before that it looked like this. I thought it looked too much like an ork. In retrospect, it wasn't so bad when viewed as a part of the whole model. It was driving me crazy though.

I am hoping to get this model finished Friday evening. It has really been pushing me as a painter. These renegades have been making me try so many new techniques that (I think) are making me really improve my painting.

Welcome to new followers Chris, Pete (wow, nice and easy handles this time!), and Diehard 2501. Thanks to Ricalopia (a semi-local blog) for featuring my renegades in his blog last week. I couldn't find a comment function though to thank him over there. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Might I suggest some weeping sores or gore? The addition of blood will really make this model a winner.

  2. At last, a 40K-ified version of this gorgeous model! You pulled that one off really successfully! Well done, makes me wanna get my Nurgle army on the table again!

  3. Thats a great conversion mate! The paint job is equally good!

  4. Thanks GunGrave. I always worry that my painting won't be able to do justice to the conversions or the sculpt. I am glad you think this one achieves that.

  5. Wow fantastic site, first time visiting.. Love the tutorials, and this Sergeant is sick! New follower and added you to my site as well. Would love to be added to the blog list...
    Shameless plug:

  6. WiP, I added your blog to the blog list as requested. Thanks for all of your positive comments. Hopefully I can finish the last little bit off on this model. Just been too busy over the holiday season.


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