Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Hobby Goals and 2011 in review

THere have been a lot of these on the blog rolls lately, but I figured it was worth taking a minute to chronicle where I have been and where I want to go.

2011 was a very interesting year for me personally. I finished university at the end of 2010 and spent the first part of the year teaching overseas. I then spent the summer travelling and the fall working at different jobs once back home. I still haven't found continuing employment in this dismal new economy but I have had a wide range of interesting experiences in the interim. In my personal life I am hoping to keep a reasonable level of employment and adventure in my professional life in 2012 while hopefully having the chance for a bit of travel too.

Views like this distracted me from hobby for a few months.
On the hobby front, 2011 was a year of growth for me. Unfortunately, I think I only played 2 games in 2011 (due to aforementioned travel and relocation). I did manage to grow a lot in my painting and modelling skills though and have gained a lot of confidence (in my painting especially). I am finally getting some results I am pleased with in my miniatures and I have learned a lot about building and painting terrain. These blogs and the forums I visit have been a huge inspiration and a source of lots of new ideas and techniques that have aided my growth.

I have a whole squad of Death Orks of Krieg just waiting for a little love and some paint. I even have 4 more totally basecoated and just needing details.
In 2012 I am hoping to complete some of my ongoing projects. I am planning to paint my Malifaux Seamus starter box and some additional models at the start of the year so I can begin playing some games soon. I am also hoping to finish up my Renegades squad by mind-February. My Death Orks of Krieg and a super secret ork warband for 40k skirmish and Mordheim will be on the docket in the spring. I am also hoping to get the Death Guard models I currently have bits for all put together and painted. Hopefully the (rumoured) new edition of 40k with a new Chaos Space Marine codex will come out in the summer as incentive to build a 40k army to completion as I don't want to buy an army book and rulebook a few months before the new edition.
There will be paint.
In literature they call this foreshadowing. This will be painted soon(ish).
He will be finished soon(ish) too. And then by midsummer he should be joined by a small band of merry men...
Once those projects are done I have vague plans to repaint and clean up my Warriors of Chaos fantasy army. I may also work on painting some vintage wood elves and demons of chaos I have in my old models bag. I am also considering building a Colette crew for Malifaux if I enjoy the game. Finally, I am hoping to finish a gaming table and build a piece of terrain each month. I am going to try and build most of these projects with the materials and bits I have on hand and try to limit most of my purchases to hobby supplies like brushes and paints.
Must finish this army one day. The models look so bad to my eyes now. I want to strip them and repaint it all. As nurgle. What shall I do?
Dragon Ogre conversion. I have three of them. Still not totally finished...
For this blog, I am hoping to keep posting regularly throughout 2012. This blog has helped to motivate me to complete projects. Hopefully I will stay on track a little more and finish projects in a more sequential order. I plan to post approximately six times per month going forward and I will continue to focus on terrain building, and miniature modelling and painting.


  1. Good luck meeting your goals. I certainly wouldn't worry about repainting your warriors of Chaos I thought they looked good. I'm interested to hear how you like Malifaux.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe I should just speed paint the rest of my WoC so I have a finished force. I don't really want to paint that purple scheme any more though...


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