Saturday, January 21, 2012

Help needed! Imperial Renegades counts as...

Originally, I started building my imperial renegades squad for use in skirmish games. As I've spent more time modelling this little force I have become quite attached to them and have been thinking about how I could use them in full sized games of Warhammer 40,000. I considered building an Imperial Guard army based around traitor guard but do not like the high model count and focus on vehicles. I considered just building a separate Chaos Space Marines army but I have been putting it off due to the uncertainty about the impending sixth edition of 40k and a new chaos codex. Most recently, I have been thinking that a "counts as"Grey Knights Force would be the best fit for the way I want to play and models I want to use.

Okay, they aren't very grey. But they would really like to fight you in a full 40k battle!
When one wants to build an army of chaos tainted guardsmen the first logical choice is to build a traitor imperial guard army. I decided that traitor guard were not for me for a number of reasons. First, I don't like army lists that rely on lots of tanks and mechanized armour. They are expensive (money) and bulky to transport and store. A force with 10 tanks/gunships/chimeras takes up way too much space and costs way too much. I am also not really interested in painting many tanks. So Imperial Guard is out.

I have the models to build a small force of Death Guard/Chaos Space Marines. I still want to do this army at some point but I have been putting it off at the moment due to the uncertainty around Chaos. Rumours abound about a new codex for the traitor legions. I don't want to build a force and have to completely revamp it in a few months. As the codex stands now, Death Guard seem to need lots of transports and heavy support to be effective. Ideally, I would love to build a nice force of elite footslogging chaos space marines supported by some angry traitor humans. Unfortunately, the chaos space marines codex does not really give any leeway for the inclusion of non-power armoured humans. I am also a slow painted, and would really like to be able to use my painted renegades in a 40k force. I've put a lot of time and effort into my renegades and would love to include them in larger battles.

Xenos inquisitor?
Finally, I am now considering a Grey Knights "counts as" force. The first reason I am considering Grey Knights is the playing style on the table. I like that Grey Knights are an elite force with lots of synergy between units. The force seems to have a solid blend of ranged support and combat prowess. I have always gravitated towards elite forces that can crush their opponents up close and seem to play best with a force of this nature (maybe I like that skills of subtlety...). It is a major bonus that Grey Knights are not reliant upon tanks and transports. Most of the lists I have been include some armour but do not rely on it exclusively the way many marine and guard forces seem to. As I said, a few tanks is ok, ten is not. The Grey Knight codex also allows me to combine my unarmoured humans with some space marines, dreadnoughts, and tanks to create a varied and interesting force. Henchmen provide great variety and a lot of modelling opportunities for me to try different things and convert models in a way that they can be used within an army. Assassins, servitors, flagellants, and the other henchmen provide almost limitless conversion opportunities. Small, functional units of marines will allow me to convert interesting models without getting bogged down in numbers or repetition. Finally, the Grey Knights codex is recent and (presumably) written with 6th edition in mind, so the codex and army should stay usable through the next edition.

Servitor. I would love to build a few more of these. Lots of fun!
As you can see, Grey Knights are potentially a good fit for my renegades within the 40k universe. I know that there is a lot of hate for "Counts as" within the online gaming community. My intention is not to use Grey Knights because they are the "strongest codex". I want to build a force that matches the models I want to use and the game style I envision. I feel that the Grey Knight Codex gives me the best fit for that at the moment. There are lots of opportunities for more conversions and to build a unique force. The theme would be a band of elite mutants and renegades fighting guerilla, saboteur warfare against the imperium.

Now I need some help. I want to build a varied force. I envision a core of about 20 henchmen (primarily based around what I already have) 2 "inquisitors" (sergeant and renegade captain), 10 marines, 5 terminators, some dreadnoughts, and some assorted mechanized support. What units should I include (basic builds, unit choices)? Any ideas for cool conversions to meet the weapons requirements for Grey Knights? What would you think playing against a "counts as" Grey Knight force like this? 

I'm not a 40k player at the moment so any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks for your feedback!


  1. I'm just now really learning about the codex, but what you have labeled so far looks good.

  2. Whaterver you do I don't think you have to worry about people complaining about "counts as," because their jaws will be on the floor with amazement. They look fantastic!

  3. So long as you aren't planning on playing in any tournaments I don't see a "counts as" being a problem. I've got a Ruzzbot that "counts as" a looted wagon with several upgrades. As long as your opponents are cool with it, go for it.

  4. Thanks for the input guys. I am still pretty undecided on whether I should do it or not. I could definitely make a list I am happy with that has lots of variety and a good play style. I just don't want to confuse opponents or get into any disagreements about it. I really hate "angry gamer syndrome".


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