Sunday, January 8, 2012

Malifaux Seamus crew assembly

...and now for something completely different. Malifaux. I decided to get some Malifaux models and the rules so I could quickly put a squad together and play some games at my local game store. My girlfriend also like some of the models so I picked up a Perdita starter box for her and a Seamus start box for myself. I like the low model count, interesting rules, and cool models in Malifaux.

After a bit of fiddling, I have my Red Chapel starter box set assembled and based. I based the models using the method I showed in this tutorial on basing using press molds. I carved out some stones to create puddles and rough patches. I am hoping they will turn out well.

No more exposed butt cheeks.

I usually convert all of my models. As most Malifaux models are metal and don't have standard arm and leg attachments, this is a lot more difficult. The Sybelle model is the only one I converted out of the starter set. I sculpted a small tutu on her out of greenstuff. I thought it was kind of weird that she had nothing covering her legs, so I added a silly tutu to her. I built it using two separate layers of greenstuff and sculpted three layers of folds. Hopefully it will fit well with the model once it is painted. I think the tutu is a theme I might incorporate into some other models I add to the crew.

L to R: Rotten belle, Sybelle, Seamus, and two more rotten belles.

Assembly of the models was fairly tricky. I made the mistake of attaching the models to their bases before pinning all of the joints. I definitely should have pinned first. I also cut the models off of their basing slots. In hindsight, I should have left the base parts attached, trimmed them down, and pushed them into the bases when they were not set, and then just cleaned up the bricks around them. Pinning those tiny legs through the bases was tricky (fortunately no legs were broken during this process). 

Pinning this bag to Seamus after basing was very difficult. Hopefully it will not fall off...
I am excited to begin painting these models. I am planning on painted them with a white, red, brown, and black theme. The undead skin will be the Reaper Master Series Undead skin triad (A grey skin look). I am planning to convert a few models from other factions to join my undead as I think it would make a funny theme for my gang. 


  1. I am still a bit haunted by painting Madam Syble’s arse! Well done to you for covering it up. Great work on the Crew btw.

  2. Looks really nice. My Seamus Crew has been sitting half painted on my desk now for months. I originally intended to do just the bog standard rush job... and I've somehow managed to get sidetracked and turn it into the longest painting session ever!!! Love the green stuff tutu :P

  3. I had just thought about Malifaux the other day thinking that I wished there were a good skirmish game involving about a half dozen figs or so. You will have to let me know how you like Malifaux because the idea seems very interesting. Not sure if Victorian Sci Fi is my thing but the Arcanists and the Guild look like they have some need miniatures.

  4. Henry's tat-I am also feeling some relief at not having to paint that most graphic of details.

    Frontline Gamer-That will be my challenge too. I want to get this squad to a decent and FINISHED table top level ASAP. I tend to half finish projects. The final squad should be around 10 models so I am hoping to get each instalment painted up before adding the next.

    Sean-My squads and ambition seems to keep getting smaller and smaller. Armies-skirmish-small skirmish. The only place to go is Inquisitor (1 model only, who knows how long I would agonize over that!). I will let you know how the Malifaux gaming goes. The models are pretty interesting and run a wide range of style and looks. I am not totally sold on the setting either as it seems like a bit of everything without a distinct style. There definitely seems to be a lot of magic and buffs in the game and shooting distances are much shorter than most games. There are so many different crews to choose from that I think anyone can find a squad that fits their asthetics. I have a feeling you would like von Schill and the Freikorps. I got a Perdita box for the gf and she is planning to paint them up too. I figured 6 models was a nice soft entry.

    1. Hey Cam

      Not sure if you are going to come back and read these but I was wondering how Malifauz was progressing for you. I'm leaning more towards making the plunge and going with a Victorias Outcast crew. Maybe with Von Schill as a henchman (good work on thinking I would like him). Have you played any games? How do you find the rules?

    2. Hey Sean, I get all the comments emailed to me, so I try to respond to all of them. I haven't painted my crew yet unfortunately. I really do need to get them painted. I've read the Malifaux rules but not played any games yet. The mechanics seem good and I love all the objectives in game. Viktorias and von Schill sound like a good beginning squad for sure. I've heard ronin are a really good fit with Viktorias. If you do get a box we should try to get some games in some time.


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