Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Showcase: Renegade Sergeant!

The Renegade Sergeant based on the plastic Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle Lord is finally finished after a month as a half painted work in progress.

I put a lot of work into the sculpting, conversion, and painting of this model. I tried a a lot of new techniques. While the end result is not perfect I feel that I really pushed myself to become better.

So much skin!
It was a challenge to paint a model with so much skin. The skin was painted with the Reaper Master Series pale skin triad (base, midtone, highlight). I washed the skin with a mix of Devlan Mud and Ogryn Flesh. I feel that this wash gave the skin a lot more depth than either on its own. I painted the sores with washes of baal red, devlan mud, and leviathan purple in many layers and mixed together until I got an acceptable result. This was the most intimidating part of the process. At the end I added some Tamiya Clear Read and brown mixed together to create some blood and gore around the wounds. The clear red also made some cool stringy bits in the gut wound.

I tried some new techniques on the white areas. I painted chips with a sponge, runs with Tamiya Clear Orange and added metal showing through with a standard HB pencil. FOr the green areas I did some rough blending of the shadows using a feathering/wet blending technique.
The left arm (minus chainsword) is built from scratch.
The sculpting and conversion was a lot of fun. I also pushed myself to become a better sculptor on this model. With such large skin areas my blending and smoothing on the greenstuff had to be good. This model was also my first successful attempt at scratch sculpting an arm. The lower right arm and the whole right arm (obviously above the chainsword!) were sculpted over only a paper clip as an armature.
Gross leg.
Before painting. So you can see what is converted and what is the original model. I was nervous to paint this conversion because I didn't feel the paint would match the conversion.
The cables are Dragon Forge cables.
Size comparison with a standard guardsman.
Now on to finish painting the commander, apostate preacher, other sergeant, and ogryn. Then I have the starting squad almost finished. Welcome to newest followers Pestus, Broke n English, and Silar. THanks for visiting. As always, comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions are appreciated.


  1. great work on him, love those cables snaking from underneath his hood.

  2. Wow! Only thing I'd say (And of course it might be this crud work monitor) is that the left shoulderpad (the pale one) and elbow pad blend in a little with the skin colour. But with these also looking so good, I'm not sure it'd be worth your while looking at that. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Blitzspear-The cables are from Dragon Forge. Really easy to use and give a nice effect.

    Deadestdai-The big shoulder pad has a bit more contrast compared to the skin in real life. The right shoulder has no pad.

  4. wow, that is horrible. in a good way of course. that is the reaction you want when looking at Nurgle stuff i guess, but yeah.... horrible.

  5. Atreides-Hahaha. Horrible? Not sure if that is good or bad. He definitely is a pretty disgusting model. Open sores, wounds, dripping liquids, blood, dirt, guts, cybernetic implants... Very messy.

  6. Your sergeant looks great. I was just showing the green stuff work to a few friends of mine the other day on their wall projector tv/computer screen. We all agreed, it looked awesome four feet tall (as well as in mini). ha ha

  7. I bet it looked hilarious four feet tall. I'd love to see it life size (except for how brutal the painting would look at that scale!). I think this model would be at least 8 feet tall based on the scale. If you show a picture of it again snap a picture of someone beside it for me. I'd love to see it. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Very nice work. The chainsword 'implant' looks very painful!

  9. Thanks CVinton. He is definitely not a happy customer!


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