Sunday, February 19, 2012

Commitment time: Death Guard timelines...

In the summer I decided I would finally get "into" 40k. I got a starter box with space marines and orks in it for my birthday when I was thirteen or so. All of my friends played fantasy though and none were interested in 40k. I painted a selection of different models and forgot about it for a while.

My current interest in 40k really grew from terrain and skirmish games. A friend I played Mordheim with convinced me to try Death Squads (a 40k skirmish game, made by fans). I really enjoyed building the futuristic terrain. Over time I got more interested in the 40k story and fluff. I know that in many ways it parallels human history and civilizations (and many of the not so nice parts...) but I really love the grim dark setting. I like the corruption from within and assault from the outside. I like the futility. That sounds pretty dark. I don't support these things. That's why I have finally decided to breaking it all apart with a plague straight from the eye of terror.

Visitors to this blog have probably noticed some waffling on what 40k army to start lately. I've come up with some ideas for using a grey knights list with marines and with my imperial renegades. I have a selection of Death Guard models all ready to paint though. I have finally settled on a paint scheme that I like and so I think I am finally ready to really get started with this force.

Some Death Guard test models. Not really happy with them. Too much yellow. I have remedied that now. Less yellow!
On March 31st there is a local tournament. 1,500 points. As someone who may have never fielded a fully painted and based force this is a pretty ambitious objective. I have more free time coming up in the next few weeks though and will endeavour to complete an army in this time frame.

The basic army will look like this. I know it is not an optimized force but I really don't want to buy and build vehicles until the new CSM codex comes out. I am going to build these first and add plague marines/havocs/chosen/more HQs as needed to reach 1500 points.

Demon Prince-Wings

3 Terminator termicide unit

7 Terminators (foot slogging nurgle style!)

7 plague marines

7 plague marines

10 summoned demons

1 dreadnought (melta and close combat weapon)

This is definitely not a really strong force. Footslogging is not very popular at the moment. That's okay. I am not looking to win very much. I would like to make the list as strong as possible within the confines of Death Guard fluff and my own aesthetic choices. I don't want many vehicles (walkers are ok, I like converting dreads!). I want lots of ground pounders. I want models that I am sure will be included in future Death Guard lists. Any tips or ideas for bulking out the force and making it a bit tougher within these guidelines would be greatly appreciated.

Death Guard character I have been working on. He looks much better now. Totally changed the armour hue and the rusted metal.
Visit back in the next few weeks to see my progress. I've added a progress tracker on the right and a poll to help me improve my army. Can I complete this small force in that amount of time? Who knows!

Thanks for visiting and thanks in advance for tips and ideas!


  1. Good luck on meeting your goals, the end of march is ambitious. Do you like obliterators I think they are fairly competitive and provide good at for a foot slogging list. Also do you only have two units of troops? Need more to hold objectives.

  2. I really like the base on all the guys but especially the last. The sewage or nuclear waste coming out of the pipes looks very realistic. Rusting effect also looks top dollar.

  3. If you want to win games, you'll need rhinos. Taking and holding objectives is a big part of the game. Flying demon princes are popular but they are also bullet magnets. Dreads don't work very well. New rules for both 40K and Chaos are coming so I'm just not playing or painting at all until after that and my exam are out of the way.

    I don't mind walking terminators, try 10 with twin reapers if you got time and energy. You might also look at converting up some Nurgle Bikers or Raptors, something I never got around to doing in numbers.

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks FD. I have a different basing plan for the army as a whole. These were kind of test models for a few different ideas.

    Muskie-That's what I keep hearing. I will build the base of the force first then add Rhinos at the end. At the very least, they could be some portable cover for my foot sloggers.


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