Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 2: Death Guard Dreadnought conversion

Today is day two of my goal to finish 1,500 points of death guard in about 40 days. I have finished converting I have decided that my force will be themed after the Apostles of Contagion, a death guard splinter war band, during the Siege of Vraks.

The first model I have finished converting is a dreadnought with close combat weapon and multi-melta. The model is based on the AoBR dreadnought. I did a lot of sculpting and tried some new techniques to bring this model closer to my vision. I decided to convert this model so that it looked like the dreadnought was possessed by disease and fungus and other organic matter and that it was exploding through the shell of the dreadnought in places.

The close combat weapon was made with crudely carved sprue and greenstuff.

The tentacles around the multimelta are my favourite bits just now. I know it is over the top, but I really wanted to try sculpting some crazier things for this army.

I melted the leg guard a little and added some details to the lower part of the chasis. You can see the nurgle icons on the left leg here. Unfortunately they are obscured by the base.
My other favourite bit. I made fungus bits on top using plasticard rods, greenstuff, and a candle. 

Here you can see where I melted the back panel. Kind of matches the armour on the forgeworld nugle dreadnoughts.

The bases for this army will all be trench themed. I made each sandbag out of milliput. I originally planned to resin cast this base (hence the amount of work put into it) but I couldn't find a casting kit at Michael's and I don't really want to order one. I can easily recreate it another time though.

More coming soon!

Come back soon for more updates. I will assemble 7 death guard plague marines and then I will spray and paint the plague marines and dreadnought in one go. Then I will do the same with 7 more marines and a demon prince I am excited about converting. Welcome to RatC's newest members unrealistic artist, musings of a smurf, and uniteallaction. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love it man, always like anything to do with Nurgle.

  2. Thanks Warflake. I have a soft spot for Nurgle too.

    PapaSpanky-Thanks. I was a bit nervous about including them as they can look a little over the top. I decided I may as well go all out with the mutations though. I am hoping they look even better painted up as I added some open sores to them that should look good.

  3. Dude, this looks awesome, great work here. I love converted dreads, the vanilla ones are just so plain...

  4. Thanks Rafael. The forgeworld chaos dreadnoughts are nice models but I agree that converted dreads have more character.

  5. Cameron, this is truly exceptional green stuff and conversion work. It's always a pleasure to stop over and look at the great projects you have in the works. In fact, if you're willing to accept it, I'd like to honor you as March's "Mad Hobbyist," the Monster Lab's award for hobby excellence. Shoot an email to me at and we'll take it from there.

    Keep up the great hobby!

  6. Wow! fantastic work, definitely inspires. The corruption, and green stuff work is truly awesome. I will be throwing a shout out to you on my blog if you don't mind. I really like the areas with holes in the plastic and the greenstuff showing through.

  7. Matt-It would be an honour. I get a lot of inspiration from your blog. In fact, I've been thinking about using your wings tutorial to make some custom raptors.

    WiP-Thanks. Definitely don't mind. Traffic has been declining with the loss on the blog rolls on FTW and SCW. I actually did some of the greenstuffing from within before gluing the two halves of the dreadnough together. Gave it a nice organic, pushing through look.


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