Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Plague Marine Conversions

After far too much work I have another four plague marines converted and ready for paint. I keep justifying all of the conversions and sculpting as each part is relatively quick. In the end though it is taking me probably a few hours in total for each model to base, clean mould lines, assemble, greenstuff, add rivets, add cables, and add battle damage.

With these four models I now have 11 plague marines built, 1 dreadnought, 4 terminators, and 1 demon prince. I still need to assembled another 10 plague marines, 3 terminators, and 2 obliterators for next weekend. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Does resin, greenstuff, and grey plastic count as the three colour minimum?

Here are the four I converted this time. One with a melta, the rest standard. I added mud to the bases of the whole army. Sand and glue.

I tried sculpting a few different gas masks based on marine heads. Sort of happy with this one. I also added cloven feet to these models.

I am most pleased with these two. Gas mask on the left turned out better than I had thought it would. I almost took the head off a few times as I couldn't figure out how to make it match.

This plague marine got an extra special backpack too. I am pleased with the lenses on this model too.

Now onto painting! At last! To see how I sculpted the bellies, check out last weeks tutorial.

Thanks to Santa Cruz Warhammer for featuring me on the honour roll last week. Thanks to Dark Future Gaming for the very complimentary feature. I'm really flattered that people have been enjoying these conversions. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on my work! Welcome to the newest followers Ghostin, Chris, Tim Toolen (check out his excellent blog Miniature Tim), Lord Shaper, Wienas, agemmanjw, GreatGunz, Sidney Roundwood, and Lead Legion. Check back later this week for painted Death Guard (for real this time!) and my completed Demon Prince. Thanks for visiting! Hasta proxima.


  1. Oh yeah, those are some nice conversions. I really enjoy all the extra rivets added to the chaos armour.

  2. Thanks Number 5. I like the rivets too! Lots of work but I think they add a nice retro look to the armour. I am not really a fan of the CSM legs, so I've added lots of details to spice them up.

  3. Fantastic stuff! Extra kudos for not over-relying on the (admittedtly great) FW pieces: You've gone the extra mile and created something that equals, and in some cases even surpasses, the FW aesthetic. Brilliant! Show us more ;-)


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