Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apostles of Contagion 1,500 point army list

18 days until the Trumpeter Salute tournament I am trying to get my force somewhat ready for. I submitted my army list the other day. I am not entirely happy with it as I think it needs some vehicles to be a bit tougher. However, it does minimize the number of models I need to assemble and paint and the number of vehicles I need to buy (I still need to find 3 rhinos, the store had none when I went in today...).

Started on a demon prince. Lots of work still to go on this model.
Here is the list as it stands. This is 1,498 points (tournament is 1,500).

Unit Name Upgrades
Demon Prince Wings, MoN, Warptime
7 plague marines Rhino, Havoc Launcher
2 melta
Champion w/ powerfist
7 plague marines Rhino, Havoc Launcher
Melta, flamer
Champion w/ fist, combi melta
7 plague marines Rhino w/ havoc
2 plasmaguns
Champion w/ powerfist
2 Obliterators
1 Dreadnought Multi melta
3 terminators 2 combimeltas
Heavy Flamer
3 terminators 2 combimeltas
Heavy flamer

I took many of the comments into consideration. The poll results were decidedly in favour of painting cool models and adding some heavy support. I had some ranged support in the form of obliterators.

The general plan is that the plague marines with plasma guns will go for close objectives while the two squads with some melta contest further objectives and try to control the middle of the board. The terminators will deep strike and either threaten tanks and small units in the rear or will deep strike onto the icon on the plague marines to support the center. The Obliterators and Dreadnought will provide some heavy support. The demon prince will draw fire and try to support plague marines that are threatened by units in close combat. The list is really just built around the plague marines trying to take objectives and being hard to kill. I know terminators and dreads aren't too popular competitively, but I really wanted to include them.

This list is a pretty low model count and there isn't too much firepower. I think this list will struggle with really tough combat units, heavy tanks, and hordes. C'est la vie. I can't change the list now, but any tips on ways to play it and strategies to use would always be appreciated. I am totally new to actually playing games of 40k (although I have played fantasy and skirmish games a lot). 

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  1. Good luck at Trumpeters, I didn't even know you were from Vancity. I'll have to adjust my sidebar...

  2. Thanks Muskie. Are you playing at the tournament?


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