Friday, March 9, 2012

Death Guard Terminator Conversions

It is day 16 and I have finally finished (mostly) converting four Terminators for my Apostles of Contagion force. The models are made from a mix of Forge World Death Guard parts, Chaos Terminators, Assault Terminators, Grey Knight Terminators, and Assault on Black Reach Terminators. Plus some greenstuff, plasticard, Warriors of Chaos and Ogre bits for good measure.

I am quite pleased with the belly armour and head on this one. Still need to fill that little gap by the cable.
The gang so far.
Reaper autocannon with power fist and combimelta with chainfist. Notice the studded shoulder pads and leg guard. I am quite pleased with these.
Bolter and power weapon, combiflamer and power weapon. I need to finish converting the AoBR shoulder pads on the left terminator.
It was great fun sculpting this mess on the back.
Big sword for good measure.
I just have three more plague marines to build up and then I will begin painting in earnest. Welcome to Keith Chamberlain, the newest follower. Check back next week for some plague marines and (hopefully!) some painting progress. Thanks for visiting. Hasta proxima.


  1. Awesome conversions! Really looking foward to seeing those painted! That Warriors of Chaos bare head has to be one of my favourite heads ever.

    Keep up the great work!


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