Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Death guard test model WIP

There is this idea floating around that painting nurgle is quick and easy. Just slap on some greenstuff, glob on the greenpaint, and call it a day. In fact, this is one of the things that attracted me to making a death guard army. I thought it would be quick with few models to paint. Little did I know I would spend months struggling to find a colour scheme and painting style I was happy with. 

The pictures above and below show the model I have partially painted as a test of this colour scheme. I airbrushed Vallejo Model Air Olive Drab and the dry brushed layers from catachan green up to rotting flesh, line highlighted in places, then washed with vermin brown and devlan mud. I added some battle damage with paint and painted the rust with a stippling technique. I still need to make the eyes glow, paint the flesh and skulls, and paint and flock the base. So this model is definitely a WIP. 

Here are some pictures showing my chronological attempts from left to right:

This neon green abomination was painted today too. Horrific. I'm glad I decided to test this scheme out before doing it to a whole squad!
You could put this picture under "garrish" in the dictionary.
Feedback on the incomplete test model above would be great. Too bright? Too dark? Boring? Sloppy? Crisp? Comments and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  1. I've collected lots of painting advice and tips, particularly those relevant to Nurgle here:

    Just do whatever you like, that is one of the advantages of Nurgle and non-cannon chapters. Just call them "Lords of Rust" or whatever then they don't have to perfectly match the Deathguard tutorials which I'm led to believe are all down anyway on as they're changing paints and publishing a new Chaos Codex someday this year...

  2. I actually prefer your second model (going left to right) out of the 4 tests. It looks more interesting than the Olive drab. I realise these are all WIPs but I think you'd really benefit from a greater contrast, maybe a black wash with a spot of green/brown? In either case I really like the brown/rust effect. I've yet to paint 'evil' stuff so it's really interesting following your progress and it's definitely on my 'to do' list. You've done some great conversion work so I definitely think you should settle on a paint-scheme you're happy with.


  3. Thanks Muskie. I'd visited your site before but I had another look through the huge list of tutorials you have there.

    Thanks SC John. I always agonize over deciding on colour schemes for my armies. It is paralyzing really!

    Unrealistic artist-I agree on the contrast. I will probably add more contrast with the glowing eyes and the basing. Nurgle is tough to create contrast with. I might also paint guts and things with a purplish colour. By the way, evil is definitely more fun to convert and paint!

  4. i like it. Nice execution of a traditional scheme for plague marines. Though, I, like Unrealistic artist prefer the 2nd one - seems to stand out much more and I really like that more turquoise/light blue lens.

    If you want other advice, might I offer this forum - - Thoroughly nice chaps with lots of advice on all things nurgle.

  5. The quality of your conversions is unreal and I feel that the paint scheme needs to be broken up. I want to see your conversions pulsating out of each and every model. Don't get me wrong as your painting is well executed and smooth. It just does not highlight the work that you have infected each of your models with.

  6. Thanks for all of the input everyone. Finding a scheme has really been a long process for me. The input gives me lots to think about.

    Deadestdai-I like the lens too! Any finished models will have blue lenses/OSL too.

    HotPanda-I agree. I've gone with a slightly higher contrast but not lime green scheme that I am pretty pleased with. The drybrushing does not give a clean finished effect like I prefer. I am much happier with the test model I painted today.

  7. I like the final one. I know he's a WIP, but I think a slight highlight on the key areas to draw some attention to his face and such will help make him pop. Otherwise I like him as is.

    Ron, FTW

  8. Hey Cameron, I really like your death guard <3 ^^, how did you paint the second one? I love this bright green tone.
    Stay tuned!

  9. Shatar-The one with the big scythe was painted as follows: Airbrushed a base of codex grey (I think Vallejo Model Air light grey), zenithal airbrush of Vallejo Model Colour rotting flesh, glazed with thinned GW camo green, washed with Devlan Mud in the recessed areas, washed with Secret Weapon's Baby Poop Wash. Then painted the other details. It still isn't quite finished.


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