Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dragon Forge Power Cables 6 Month Review

I have been using Dragon Forge cables for about six months now. I recently finished most of my first sample pack of cables and ordered another three packs. You can order Dragon Forge cables here (this review is not sponsored or endorsed by DF). In this review I will share my thoughts on reasons to use them, difficulties encountered, and my final verdict. I will also show some conversions and painted models where I have used the cables.

Why use dragon forge cables?

Small and medium sized cables on a renegade sergeant.
I really like the look of extra cables and hoses. My imperial renegades, death guard, and death orks of krieg all feature extensive use of cables. I tried using guitar wire for a while and tried making my own cables by wrapping wire around plasticard tubes. Both methods worked. Guitar wire is really difficult to shape though. Plasticard wires were also difficult to shape and had an inconsistent look.

I have found the dragon forge cables are pretty quick to add to a model and give a great cable effect. I generally add a cable by removing the small mould lines and then attaching them to the model. Sometimes I drill a small hole for the cable to go into and then attach it in place with super glue or greenstuff. Sometimes I glue it to the surface. As most of my models are chaos models I also like to leave a few detached or severed cables hanging around on the model as well.

Smallest size on some terminators.
The scale matches well with other cables on GW models. The models have great detail and paint really well. As an advantage, they are free hanging as well (unlike cables on resin models). They can be shaped into interesting and natural positions to fit with where they are needed.

Size small cables on cadian and catachan models.
The smallest size works well for human sized figures (space marines, imperial guard, etc)
The medium size works well for larger human figures, alien races, and walkers (orks, larger cables on space marines, terminators, ogryns, etc.)
The largest size is best suited for vehicles

Small and medium sized on a servitor.
Difficulties using dragon forge cables 
The biggest challenge with the cables is removing the mould lines. There are two thin mould lines on either side of the cable. I remove them using an exacto knife scraped along the cable. It is hard to completely remove them though. I usually paint my models with lots of rust and grime, so the mould line doesn't show up too much anyways.

Medium sized cables (and a few small on the power fist).
The cables can also be tricky to attach. It is hard to get them the perfect length and shape to match up where you want them (this is not fault of the cable though, just a challenge with 3D objects!). I have had success attaching them with a thicker super glue. The connection can be brittle though so I sometimes create a little bit of reinforcement using greenstuff at the attachment points.
Small cable on left arm.
Final verdict
I have found the dragon forge cables an invaluable addition to my conversion tools. I recently ordered another three packages. The mixed set of all three cables is a great start and will last for many conversions. I find I use the smallest size the most frequently. I would recommend these cables for someone interested in converting models and adding details. They are pretty easy to use and look very good when painted.

If you have any questions about the cables please post them in the comments and I will try to answer them. If you are interested in seeing more details on some of the models pictured then click on the tags at the bottom of this post. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Cool review/tutorial but shouldn't you be painting right now? :)

  2. Sean-I got your comment by email, but it doesn't show here. Very strange. You are right, I should be painting. Hahaha. I went for a hard training ride yesterday morning and was too tired to get off the couch.

  3. Your terminators look amazing, excellent excellent excellent on the conversions and green stuffing. The cables are wonderful, thanks for the scoop.

  4. Thanks Matthew. I am hoping to get some paint on them this week. The cables are great to work with. Really easy way to add some detail and customize a model.

  5. Guitar string works really well and is cheap.


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