Friday, March 23, 2012

More plague marine WIP

I've finally settled on an acceptable paint scheme for my Apostles of Contagion. It may not be everyone's favourite, but I am happy with it. It is fast, provides decent shading and highlights, is not bright green, and matches the asthetic I wanted with my death guard. These models are still a work in progress. I have only painted the armour so far. I will still add blue glow to the eyes, detail on the bases, and paint the fungus areas and boils.

Only five of my eight models survived the colour scheme attrition... They will get painted with the next batch. 

I used my airbrush to zenithal highlight to the step you can see on the model on the right. I then sponged and stippled the rust in four layers and washed most of the model is Gryphonne Sepia (I need to get some more pots of this before the paint colour change!).

Now I need your help. I need to paint the fungus (washed with Leviathan Purple here) and guts. What colours should I paint them? I want a purple-ish/pink tone but I don't want it to overpower the muted models. Any ideas? Links to good pictures or tutorials? I could really use some help on this one!

Thanks are due to Matthew from Midwest Monster Lab for his feature on Rust and the City this week as the March Mad Hobbyist. If you haven't already visited, definitely check out his blog. He has lots of really creative conversions, great painting, and nice tutorials. He is currently working on an awesome greek mythology themed undead army. Welcome to newest followers Monty, Strider, and RebelGrot. Seven more followers and RatC will have hit the magical 100 followers mark! Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend.


  1. I found a goatboy article where he uses warlock purple and tentacle pink for painting plaguebearer tounges...

  2. I'd suggest hitting the guts up with a deep purple, working it up to a pink and then slapping on some glazes of red to make it seem more bloody. Using a red ink mixed with a dark brown as a wash also works really in terms of shading and adding that gore effect.
    Love your work on these guys, glad to have found another blog to follow!

  3. I'm glad you guys are talking about gore, a little added and these models will be smashing.

  4. SOOOOOO??? Did you play in the tournament? Did you meet your goal? Did you at least go to Trumpeters I was really considering driving down for it.

  5. Of course there will be a little gore...

    Sean-Unfortunately I was not able to attend the tournament. I got the flu and didn't get everything assembled. :-(. I didn't go to the convention either due to illness. Are you coming down here any time soon? I was thinking that if you do that we should try to do a full day mini DS campaign. My renegades really want to play a game.

  6. That's too bad I got the flu as well which influenced me not going. You should add me on facebook I am the Sean Richey from smithers. Also I was wondering how Malifaux was progressing for you. I'm leaning more towards making the plunge and going with a Victorias Outcast crew. Maybe with Von Schill as a henchman (good work on thinking I would like him). Have you played any games? How do you find the rules?

  7. Cameron, I'm sorry to be commenting so long after your original post. I just wanted to say how much I liked these guys. They're under-stated, atmospheric, and very impressive. I love the distempered, rotten and corrupted feel of them - really fantastic stuff. I love the way you've converted them also....nothing to excessive, but each conversion adding something. Really fantastic.

  8. I just discovered this blog and I love your nurgle paint scheme. I was hoping you could put a tutorial up on your final paint scheme. I just I too have gone through numerous test models trying to find the right green, brown, rust combination, so I was hoping you could share your secrets.

  9. Thanks for your message. I painted my death guard by airbrushing a Vallejo model Air (VMA) coat of Olive Drab. I then did a zenithal highlight with the airbrush of Duck Egg Green. I then washed the armour with Gryphon Sepia. To paint the metal areas I painted them GW Charred Brown. I then sponged and drybrushed Vomit Brown, Bestial Brown, and orange over it. I then drybrushed Boltgun metal over the metal areas and washed the metal areas with Gryphon Sepia. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks so much. They truly look amazing. They have the right amount of brown, green, and rust. Most Death Guard I've seen tend to be too close to a primary green color.


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