Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Nurgle Daemon Prince and Finecast Review

I've finished the assembly of the Nurgle Daemon Prince to lead my Death Guard army. The model is the excellent Daemon Prince in finecast. Ironically, the HQ will probably be the least converted model in the whole army. The only conversion work so far is the magnetized wings (from the Chaos Manticore), a new head (filed down Ogre Kingdom Head, will get a gas mask sculpted), a plasticard sword, and a custom base. I still need to add some greenstuff before this conversion is finished.

This model was my first finecast experience. I had heard lots of finecast backlash online but there is no way I would have bought this model in metal. I hate working with metal models and this models would have been difficult to assemble with all of those heavy components. My first experience with finecast was very good. The mould lines and flash were pretty minimal and were easy to remove. The level of detail was excellent and I couldn't find any casting bubbles or imperfections (granted, this is Nurgle so it might be hard to know what was intended or not!). The only imperfection was that the sword was slightly bent (as were a few little horns on the legs and back). I removed the sword because I dislike the shape, not because it was crooked. The finecast was easy to put together. The joints fit together pretty well and I assembled it without pins (except to attach to the base). There are some gaps that will need filling but that is inevitable with a multi-part model like this. I definitely prefer all plastic models over every other option. I find the prices for Finecast models is pretty high. Based on quality, detail, and easy of assembly and conversion I will be happy to buy necessary models in finecast in the future.

Sword is made from plasticard with lots of holes drilled in it. The wings are magnetized. I will be blending the joint together with greenstuff.
I wanted a base the made the model a centrepiece and had a bit of a diorama feel to it. The daemon prince has landed above a little Imperial Guard firing point and has scared off the guardsmen. Eventually I will add some mud and snow, possibly with footprints leading away from the trench.
Thanks for visiting! I should have the greenstuff done in the next few days along with four more plague marines that are currently in progress.


  1. That's is going to look awesome! I have a greater demon of nurgle who is missing an arm. If I remember I will bring him down for you next time I am in van.

  2. Bloody good - espeically that base. Sandbags look like sandbags, which is rarely the case, even with resin cast efforts.

  3. Sean-You know I like making models more if they are missing bits :-P. It's boring to use them as they are. I'm sure we can arrange some nice trades. Are you back in Canada now? My renegades are itching for a fight.

    Deadestdai-Thanks. I really like making sandbags. I finally found some fabric that gives it texture on the perfect scale (just from a little cloth bag I had at home).

  4. A very promising start! To me, the base is the secret star of the show, though! Really love well done trenches, and there's just something about that abandoned shovel...

    Anyway, looking very much forward to seeing how this guy progresses!

  5. Thanks KS. That is exactly the effect I was trying to create with the base. The abandoned shovel is there to show that the guard manning the trench ran off.


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