Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prisoner Exchange: Base and markers

Way back in January I posted about the prisoner exchange. I have to make a prisoner to send to another participant from the Death Squads game forums. I've finally gotten started on a bit of my prisoner and thought I would share my work so far. Unfortunately the pictures are not very good. My camera has been acting up and messes up the white balance with the plasticard (no, it is definitely not my camera incompetence...).

I decided to build a hired gun demolitions expert or Chaos Cultists saboteur for my model. The demolitions expert can place D6 traps around the table after deployment. I built 6 little land mines and traps to represent this.

Today I started building the base for the model. I wanted to push myself to create a small diorama/display but still have a gaming base on the model. The plinth is made from a spray paint lid.

The base is urban rubble. The demolitions expert has placed a small bomb and a trip wire.

On an unrelated note, I should probably explain the last few weeks a bit. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the tournament I had been hoping to due to flu. I had been working hard to get my Death Guard in shape for the tournament. I didn't get them all modelled and a new job and a long lasting flu has set me back a bit the last few weeks. The Death Guard will be back in a few weeks. I am taking a little break from them while I work on the prisoner exchange. Updates for the next few weeks may also be a little bit sporadic as I will be away from home for two weeks to visit relatives. I will try to keep some content up and to reply to posts as they appear.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. The Easter Bunny was good to me and brought me my one hundredth follower! Welcome to outremmer, MJDredd, Lord Siwoc, Juahnn F'rann, and Ollie.

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