Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog banner vote and blog changes

I spent some time today updating the blog template and making some banners. I need your help to vote on the banners and choose which should be used for the blog. Vote for the banners by clicking on the poll to the right. All of the banners are based on pictures I have taken and modified using photobucket and iPhoto.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Showcase: Pegleg, Ork Pirate

Here are some pictures of the finished Ork Pirate. As I wrote in the WIP blog entry, this model was a bonus for the prisoner exchange. The model is based on an Assault on Black Reach Nob with some conversions.

This model was done as a test for my upcoming Pirate Ork warband and was painted to fit the colours of Mordheimer's existing ork squad.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ork Pirate WIP with zenithal highlights

As my prisoner was so delayed, I built an ork pirate while I was waiting for the sculpting to set on various parts of my demolition expert. The idea for a DS/Mordheim war band of ork pirates has been percolating in my head for a very long time. I bought all of the bits almost two years ago but haven't gotten around to assembling them yet. Fortunately, creating a bonus prisoner gave me the perfect excuse to create a test model.

The model is based upon an Assault on Black Reach Nob.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Showcase: Demolition Expert Diorama

Finally! I've finished my demolition expert for the Deathsquads Prisoner Exchange. I've been working on this model for a few weeks and finally have everything complete and ready to post. Enough babble, here are some pictures of the final product.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Demolition Expert diorama almost complete!

At long last my prisoner is nearly complete. I added a light drybrush to the wood and realized that there are only finishing details left to do. All I need is a bit of airbrushed black on the base (to repair damage from when I masked the base) and add some rust to the metal on the base itself.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Demolition Expert Painting Update

I've gotten a bit of progress done on the demolition expert I have been working on for the prisoner exchange. As you can see in the pictures, I have basecoats, washes, and some rough highlights finished. I am planning to do another light wash and then some more fine edge highlights and then work on weathering and basing. I am hoping to have this project out the door by Wednesday. Last post I showed the prisoner I received, so you can tell how behind I am.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prisoner received from DeafNala!!!

Those who have been visiting this blog for a while have been hearing all about the DS Prisoner Exchange. The idea is that you build a model for another person on the forum and they build one for you. Unfortunately I am a little behind on my prisoner (who has been featured here the last few weeks). To my chagrin, I received my prisoner in the mail this weekend (and am still finishing my prisoner to post away).

Those who frequent the wyrd forums, DS forums, or Tom's Boring Mordheim forum are no doubt familiar with DeafNala. He is a frequent contributor and commenter in those forums and has produced some fantastic models, dioramas, and scenery over the years. I would say that he is a bit of a legend on Tom's Boring Mordheim forum.

To make a long story short, the prisoner I received is from DeafNala. He built me a beautiful chaos renegade model to add to my imperial renegade squad. Enough blabbering though, the pictures tell the true story.

The prisoner came with a wonderful diorama. The renegade is outside Morbid Jest's, a puub that I believe is located in the creepy table he is currently building.

The diorama includes some of DeafNala's trademark creepy faces. The detail on the diorama is fantastic. Hinges on the doors, the cracks in the pavement, exposed brickwork. The finish is also superb.

The base even includes a few pipes with effluent coming out. Not sure if this was intentional, but many of my renegades have similar features on their bases.

The model itself has a ton of character. I only know where some of the bits come from. 

If you would like to see some WIP shots of the model, check out the thread at the DS forums. 

I am absolutely thrilled with the prisoner I received. Thank you so much to DeafNala for producing such a wonderful piece. I am so impressed by the quality, finish, and character of this diorama. The bold colours and strong contrast in the highlights are something I will definitely try on some of my future models, and this model will serve as a great inspiration. I can't say enough great things about the model and how grateful I am to receive it. I wanted to do the prisoner exchange as a chance to push myself as a modeller and build something for someone else. To receive such a beautiful model as a gift from someone I have not even met in real life is an honour and very touching. It is wonderful how through this event and forum people have been brought together in a small way across the world. Thank you DeafNala for this wonderful model.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prisoner primed and airbrushed

I've primed and painted the first coat onto my prisoner. My spray can primer ran out so I primed the model using white airbrush primer. I then airbrushed the whole model black then layered zenithal highlights using US Grey and Light Grey from the Vallejo Model Air range. To finish the greatcoat I will add some shading in the folds using either glazed washes or wet blending.

Sine you last saw the model I added some shoulder pads and a Dragon Forge cable from the mask which goes to the canister below the backpack in the back.

There is lots of work still to go on this model. Getting a model built, converted, sculpted, primed, and airbrushed is the biggest hurdle. Now I just need to add all of the detail. I have the recipe planned out so I am hoping to make reasonably fast progress. Ideally, the model will be finished by the end of the weekend so I can post it off to its recipient early next week.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More prisoner sculpting

I've finished some more work on the sculpting of my demolition expert prisoner. It is slow going as I am trying to be patient and let each layer set before adding detail on top.

This is definitely the most challenging sculpting I have done so far. I am curious to see how it will look painted up. I think the mark of a good sculpt or conversion is that at first glance you can't really tell what is the original model and what is sculpted. With this much sculpting I think it will be challenging to reach that standard. 

I've posed him holding a bottle and a trip wire. I imagine he is resting after setting a trap when he hears an explosion in the distance.

The head is probably my favourite bit so far.

Thanks for visiting. I just need to add shoulder pads and maybe a few more small details and this model should be done. Then I have to paint it...

Update: I added shoulder pads.

The shoulder pads make him much more intimidating in my opinion.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prisoner conversion update

I've finished a bit more of the sculpting and converting for my prisoner. I was away for a few weeks due to a family commitment (hence the lack of posts). I am back now though and should continue with regular content.

This conversion will maybe be the most complex sculpting I have done. Mostly just because I find cloth fairly challenging and I am trying to build up detail through multiple layers. When finished the model will have a fur lined greatcoat, a gas mask, and a fur hat. Nothing crazy, but definitely challenging.

The first step was to make the basic shape of the greatcoat over the legs and torso.

After that I added the belt and fur collar a day later.

I started on the mark by filling most of the detail off the head. I then made two flat circles, let it set, and then made the outside of the lens.

I then sculpted the mask once it had set. Once this is hardened I will add a fur hat on the top and a pewter cable at the bottom.

I also added a little more detail to the traps.

I still have a fair bit of detail (and arms!) to add. I need to finish this model quickly, so expect to see the finished conversion up here soon. Welcome to gubnutz, brovatar, Marcin, and tony. 

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