Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog banner vote and blog changes

I spent some time today updating the blog template and making some banners. I need your help to vote on the banners and choose which should be used for the blog. Vote for the banners by clicking on the poll to the right. All of the banners are based on pictures I have taken and modified using photobucket and iPhoto.

Option 1

Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

I've also added a "contact me" tab to the top of the page so you can email me. Feel free to send me questions on things you have seen on the blog and how to do things. I am also planning to start accepting some limited commissions for sculpting and basic painting. I feel quite arrogant writing that, but if anyone is interested in some custom work then contact me through the form and we can discuss it. 

There is also a new project gallery in the tabs at the top of the page. I will include single pictures and links of some of my best models (in my opinion). I will also add a page soon that features just conversion and sculpting work.

I've tried to streamline the browsing experience by adding jump breaks to each post on the main page. I haven't updated past the first page, but all future posts will come with jump breaks to facilitate easier browsing.

Finally, I've added two new blogs to the blog roll. I've added KrautScientist's Eternal Hunt and Tim Toolen's Miniature Tim. Kraut Scientist is a regular commenter on this blog and I would encourage you to visit and check out his great Inq28 conversions. I'm looking to expand my blogrolls a bit and increase the exposure for Rust and the C. If you would like your blog added to my blogroll, just post a comment below and add Rust and the City to your blog.

Thanks for visiting. Vote away!


  1. Thanks again for adding me to the blogroll (and for the additional shoutout), Cameron! It's an honour!

    Tomorrow's update might suit your taste, btw ;-)

    About the banners: I would go with either Option 4 or 5, but shouldn't the banner for "Rust and the City", you know, show some rust? ;-)

  2. Hahaha. I had no pictures of rust unfortunately. I just cropped a few likely pictures that I already had. I am really leaning towards 1 myself.

    Bonus points if you can name the city in option 4.

  3. Crud, the city in Option 4 doesn't look familiar to me...but I have access to images of rusted metal and industrial imagery if you want it? :)

    Thanks for the kind words today, as well :) I've been following you for a bit now, ever since I found your article on sculpting DG Belly Armor :) Loving the pirate ork as well...I need to brush up more on my GS skills!


  4. Good stuff, like the new banner options - I always enjoy your posts, and I look forward to seeing the crazy conversion commissions (say that 5 times fast). Keep up the great work!

  5. Tim-Glad you enjoy the blog. I am always flattered when some of the big blog authors visit.

    GMNW-I am surprised. I really thought that one was the least interesting

    Mordian-Thanks. Hopefully some fun stuff will come up.

  6. Hi there, I've been really enjoying reading your blog...

    I like option 2, but I like the look and placement of the text in option 4...

    Also just thought I'd provide you a couple of links to get more textures if you want to use any more, there are a few places to get royalty free textures on the net:

    Keep up the great work.

  7. Personally I'd use the text from one, over the image in two.

    that's the best read of text to me.. and the picture,, well theres brickwork.. so city, see? :)

    the text on 2 through 5 "float" too much. no grounding inot the images, and the images in 4 and five, they dont really speask to your blog content.. bit too random for me.

    the text in five.. "shudder" is almost a "western" font...

    sorry.. the designer in me is getting anxious.. its a small step form there to "ulp" comic sans......

    please dont take the comments the wrong way, :) only helpful and humerous intentions

  8. #4 gets my vote.

    Though I'd like to see #2 with #1's text.

  9. Thanks for all the feedback.

    Stygian-Thanks for the textures.

    Karitas-Thanks for the critical feedback. I have zero experience in this area, so the feedback and ideas are really good. Maybe I will make a hybrid of 1 and 2 for you.

    Dai-I'll try that.

  10. The blog is looking good. What are you painting now? Also I thought you might be interested in this guys project I think it is a pretty neat idea to paint WW1 minis in Black and White.

  11. I hadn't thought about that black and white noir style force in a while. Maybe I should do it sometime soon. That link is incredible. I would love to do that, with vibrant red accents and blood, a la "Sin City".

    I'm working on some orks just now. And moving house. And contemplating some FoW. You in Vancouver anytime soon?

  12. Sean-I should totally do my Malifaux Seamus gang like this! I've been putting off painting them as I can't think of an exciting scheme. Noir is perfect!!!


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