Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Demolition Expert diorama almost complete!

At long last my prisoner is nearly complete. I added a light drybrush to the wood and realized that there are only finishing details left to do. All I need is a bit of airbrushed black on the base (to repair damage from when I masked the base) and add some rust to the metal on the base itself.

The expert has rigged a small bundle of TNT to a trip wire. Now he is having a drink.

I still have a few more finishing details to add to the base. Once everything is finished and Mordheimer has received his prisoner then I will post some final pictures here. It has been a long journey, but I am really pleased with how the model has turned out so far. I just hope I don't mess up the varnishing or anything!

At one point this is how it looked.


  1. I'd be really interested how you made the 'Comrade Boris' sign as well as the plinth itself. Its come a log way and it looks excellent.

  2. Big Poppa Fresh:

    I made the label by downloading a russian font from dafont.com. I then printed it on paper in different sizes and selected the best size. I glued it to the base with white glue and then varnished it with brush on gloss varnish. I then weathered it using devlan mud, gryphonne sepia, and ogryn flesh wash.

    The plinth is just a spray paint lid with a 60mm wide round base wedged into the bottom for support. The actual ground level on the base I made using a thin piece of cork with a round base size hole cut out of it. I then glued lots of stuff onto it before painting.

  3. He turned out looking awesome...

    And that's a brilliant use for an old spray paint lid.


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