Thursday, May 17, 2012

Demolition Expert Painting Update

I've gotten a bit of progress done on the demolition expert I have been working on for the prisoner exchange. As you can see in the pictures, I have basecoats, washes, and some rough highlights finished. I am planning to do another light wash and then some more fine edge highlights and then work on weathering and basing. I am hoping to have this project out the door by Wednesday. Last post I showed the prisoner I received, so you can tell how behind I am.

The prisoner has a bottle of run in his hand. I am going to be bold and try to paint the top of the bottle empty. I am pretty nervous about it though. I made the label by painting on a piece of paper, gluing it on, varnishing it, and then washing with Gryphonne Sepia. The recipient likes Captain Morgan's rum, so I tried to recreate it a little. I wasn't up to painting a 2mm Captain on the label though.

I am quite pleased with how the fut turned out. I think it lends some warmth to the model. The grey is quite a cold colour, so the warmth of the fur and the leather helps to humanize the model (in my opinion, although that does sound a bit overly artsy and intellectual to me).

Here is another picture before many washes or highlights. Just so you can see how it looked at that stage too. Definitely much better with the updated painting.

Thanks for the comments on the model so far. To see the progress to this point and to see the model without paint, just click on the "demolitions expert" tag. Check back next week for an update on my progress. 


  1. That's a wonderful bit of painting. I think your recipient will be delighted!

  2. That model's looking very awesome already! Whoever gets it will have made a fantastic "deal" in any case! I also like the fact that you included a picture of the model before washing and highlighting: I'm always quite astounded with the difference between both stages on my own models as well ;-)

  3. Peter-Thanks, I really do hope he will be pleased with it.

    KrautScientist-The great thing with the exchange is that the modeller gets at least as much out of the process in my opinion. I spent more time than usual converting the model and basing it. It was a chance to push myself and try new things with a one off model. I don't have to worry about him fitting into an army or a colour scheme or anything. I agree on washing and highlighting. It is amazing how bad even the best painted models look in the beginning stages. Definitely have to be confident that the model will turn out.


  4. I'd love to see a whole group of figs in this style. Very cool mate. Excited to see the final result.

  5. Congrats on ensuring that your demolition expert Sunday Best this past week. Hope you don't mind the shout out as I featured this post in my themed weekly top x. Cheers and thanks for sharing.


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