Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prisoner conversion update

I've finished a bit more of the sculpting and converting for my prisoner. I was away for a few weeks due to a family commitment (hence the lack of posts). I am back now though and should continue with regular content.

This conversion will maybe be the most complex sculpting I have done. Mostly just because I find cloth fairly challenging and I am trying to build up detail through multiple layers. When finished the model will have a fur lined greatcoat, a gas mask, and a fur hat. Nothing crazy, but definitely challenging.

The first step was to make the basic shape of the greatcoat over the legs and torso.

After that I added the belt and fur collar a day later.

I started on the mark by filling most of the detail off the head. I then made two flat circles, let it set, and then made the outside of the lens.

I then sculpted the mask once it had set. Once this is hardened I will add a fur hat on the top and a pewter cable at the bottom.

I also added a little more detail to the traps.

I still have a fair bit of detail (and arms!) to add. I need to finish this model quickly, so expect to see the finished conversion up here soon. Welcome to gubnutz, brovatar, Marcin, and tony. 


  1. Weren't you supposed to be finished yesterday? :)

  2. Uhhhhh. Yes. I had to leave town for a few weeks, so I am behind...


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