Thursday, May 3, 2012

More prisoner sculpting

I've finished some more work on the sculpting of my demolition expert prisoner. It is slow going as I am trying to be patient and let each layer set before adding detail on top.

This is definitely the most challenging sculpting I have done so far. I am curious to see how it will look painted up. I think the mark of a good sculpt or conversion is that at first glance you can't really tell what is the original model and what is sculpted. With this much sculpting I think it will be challenging to reach that standard. 

I've posed him holding a bottle and a trip wire. I imagine he is resting after setting a trap when he hears an explosion in the distance.

The head is probably my favourite bit so far.

Thanks for visiting. I just need to add shoulder pads and maybe a few more small details and this model should be done. Then I have to paint it...

Update: I added shoulder pads.

The shoulder pads make him much more intimidating in my opinion.


  1. They flesh his upper torso out some too. Very nice looking sculpting there mate, I like it a lot.

  2. He looks awesome, the belt and fur are great.

  3. Thanks Dai. I agree. He looks much better with the bulk of the shoulder pads.

    Sean-Thanks. This was my first time sculpting fur at this kind of scale. My first time sculpting a belt too.

  4. Man, i just love your bases. i still can't figure out how to add so much details for this 25mm bases.

    btw, i would like to join your blog exchange thingie< already added you, here is my blog:

  5. Thanks Pijamas. I added you to the blog roll. I build my bases by adding the details in layers. This base was just built to fit in with the diorama. In general though I add layers of detail to build it up. It is mostly a process of trial and error. I just try to add lots of little things and get some depth to the base. I really enjoy basing. It looks like you have some nice bases on the nobs on your blog.


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