Friday, May 25, 2012

Ork Pirate WIP with zenithal highlights

As my prisoner was so delayed, I built an ork pirate while I was waiting for the sculpting to set on various parts of my demolition expert. The idea for a DS/Mordheim war band of ork pirates has been percolating in my head for a very long time. I bought all of the bits almost two years ago but haven't gotten around to assembling them yet. Fortunately, creating a bonus prisoner gave me the perfect excuse to create a test model.

The model is based upon an Assault on Black Reach Nob.

The hook is from a Warriors of Chaos Marauder banner. The pegleg is some plasticard rod. The hat was really difficult to sculpt. It took me at least four attempts.

To speed up the painting I airbrushed the model with Vallejo Model Air Dark Earth, and then did a zenithal highlight using VMA Khaki. I was hoping this would save me the tedious time needed to basecoat the brown areas and would give a good base for the skin.

In this picture you can see the view from slightly below. You can see the natural shadows that have formed on the underside of the arms, hat, chin, and creases in the pants.

To get a zenithal highlight using an airbrush is fairly easy. In this case I simply primed the model with Chaos Black spray. I then sprayed VMA Dark Earth over most of the model, but primarily from above so there was still a little black on the underside of the hat and the legs. I then lightly airbrushed VMA Khaki over the model, holding the airbrush above the model and spraying in a small arc above the model, simulating how light would fall on it. I then sprayed areas like the knees and tops of the feet from closer in, to ensure some highlights and coverage. Spraying the highlights takes only a few minutes plus cleaning and your model has a nice, natural set of highlights. In this case, the tedious work of basecoating all of the leather is now finished as well.

Next time I do this I will try to add some pictures showing the highlights being added at each step and then possibly write a quick little tutorial.

Welcome to the newest followers; A Sent One, Quidamcorvus, Gone Wild, Valknut, Access D, Magiler, and Col. Ackland. Check back on Monday when I will post the finished pictures of this ork pirate.


  1. You have been spotted with your deviant but highly arousing Sunday Best once again Cameron. Hope you don't mind the shout out on my weekly themed top x? Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks HotPanda. Always happy for more exposure.


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