Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prisoner primed and airbrushed

I've primed and painted the first coat onto my prisoner. My spray can primer ran out so I primed the model using white airbrush primer. I then airbrushed the whole model black then layered zenithal highlights using US Grey and Light Grey from the Vallejo Model Air range. To finish the greatcoat I will add some shading in the folds using either glazed washes or wet blending.

Sine you last saw the model I added some shoulder pads and a Dragon Forge cable from the mask which goes to the canister below the backpack in the back.

There is lots of work still to go on this model. Getting a model built, converted, sculpted, primed, and airbrushed is the biggest hurdle. Now I just need to add all of the detail. I have the recipe planned out so I am hoping to make reasonably fast progress. Ideally, the model will be finished by the end of the weekend so I can post it off to its recipient early next week.


  1. Very nice! That model is just so full of character...

    Now I am interested to see what you'll be doing with the paintjob ;-)

  2. Yeah, like Kraut said, he's got tonnes of potential, excited to see his paintjob.

  3. Cameron, your green stuffing abilities have really reached the next level. This model looks great. It could pass for a store bought model for sure.

  4. KrautScientist ad Dai, you will get to see the paint job shortly. Lots of browns. Red spot colour. Grey coat.

    Thanks Matthew. I only really see the imperfections with this model. I am pretty pleased with the head and I really pushed my comfort level with sculpting the jacket and details. I do worry that some of the details are not quite how I would like them though. It is a great compliment that you think it could pass for a cast model though. That is always my goal.

  5. PS Matthew, the blogging and hobby has slowed down a bit due to cycling races. Results so far have been pretty hit or miss but I am enjoying it.


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