Thursday, May 24, 2012

Showcase: Demolition Expert Diorama

Finally! I've finished my demolition expert for the Deathsquads Prisoner Exchange. I've been working on this model for a few weeks and finally have everything complete and ready to post. Enough babble, here are some pictures of the final product.

This diorama is the first I have made. I learned a lot through the process and tried lots of new (to me) techniques. I explored airbrushing cloth, sculpting a greatcoat, sculpting fur, improved my gas mask methods, sculpted details like belts and pouches, painted red, tried to paint a bottle, used weathering powders, built a display base, and used snow. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

The cable to the mask is the small size of Dragon Forge pewter cables.

The model is removable from his diorama to be used as a hired gun in Deathsquads.

I sculpted more of this model than I ever had before. The next challenge is to sculpt an entire model.

The recipient, Mordheimer, will also get six demolition trap markers to be used in the game.

The autogun is magnetized and can be replaced with a boltgun, pistol, or a large knife. The cool communications backpack and the weathering powders are from Secret Weapon miniatures.

A jerry can rigged with dynamite and a hidden land mine.

A satellite activated charge and a mine.

A baited mine and a trip wire charge.

It was a great experience to participate in this community event. It was really rewarding to build a model with someone else and to push my skills in new directions. I am pleased with the final model and will look forward to more projects like this in the future. Later this week I will share some pictures of a bonus Ork Pirate I built for Mordheimer. I will also try to do a feature next week on the great models built by each of the participants in the Prisoner Exchange.

Thanks for visiting. Comments, constructive criticism, and ideas for more projects and community events would be greatly appreciated.


  1. He looks stunning. I feel like you really pushed your game up a level on all aspects of the model. The modeling, the painting, and the basing are all exceptional. Are you going to show him off on Cool Mini or Not?

  2. Thanks Sean. I really did try to push my ability level on all parts of it. It is kind of funny though, the highlighting on the model is pretty simple in most areas. I think it is the overall cohesiveness that makes it work. The blending and highlights are nowhere near as complex as on a model like the Nurgle sergeant I did but it looks much better.

    For once I actually thought about putting it on CMoN. I am not sure if I want the heartbreak though. I can happily take constructive criticism, but a lot of the people on there just seem to rip into things unnecessarily. I am undecided.

  3. There are NO words to describe the AMAZING roller-coaster of fantastic emotions this model have brought to everyone at the Death Squads community! Just like you fellows, we experience most of the process through pictures and tales... ALL of it fantastic! The model is nothing short of a perfect 10 in CMoN. I think you should post it, including some of your GS WiP so everyone realizes your level of skill.

    On a personal note... I'm honored to be the Recipient of such a wonderful project. It will have a place of honor... both on my paint table as well as on my Squad! I believe the famous Catachan Squad, The Eye Pokers (Sticking It To Chaos Where It REALLY Hurts!) will hire a new Demolition Expert! It will be a little warm for him... so they will have to find some more liquid refreshments for Comrade Boris!

    :@: Blog Followers: Feel free to stop by the forums ( and see all other projects. All of them are VERY cool. Also, you could grab the FREE rules to play Death Squads!

    :@: Carmelo (Cameron): I have an idea for the story! More on that later... ;)

  4. Thanks Mordheimer. It has been a privilege to build the model for you and I am very pleased that you like it so much. It definitely wouldn't get a very high score on CMoN, but I am pleased with how it has turned out. My local store is planning a painting and diorama contest at the end of the summer, so I will build another one for that contest. It is pretty hilarious that you will hire my bundled up winter specialist to fight with some half naked catachans in the jungle. You do know I expect to see both Pegleg and Boris in some battle reports soon, right? I will get this in the post tomorrow and hopefully the shipping will be as fast and delicate as last time.


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