Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First scratch sculpt: Octopus

I've slowly been working on some additional bits for my Ork Pirate warband. It took a few tries, but  I am nearly finished sculpting an octopus. The Octopus will stand in for a troll in fantasy. THis is my first scratch sculpt. There is nothing but wire and greenstuff inside! I tried to build the model to look like it is rising out of the water. The final base will have water effects added to it.

I still have some final detail to add. I am going to add lids for the eye. I still need to add a few more suckers as well.

I really enjoyed building this model. I want to try my hand at more scratch builds in the future. Building things in layers seems to be the key to getting the right shapes and textures.

I built the arms using the excellent tutorial from Eye of Error.

I'm a little nervous to paint it. I am not quite sure how I want to do it. Comments, constructive criticism, and thoughts are appreciated as always.

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I have been cycling a lot with the nice weather and working too much. It hasn't left a lot of time for hobby projects. I've been aiming to try and make my posts more sequential too, so I have been holding off on posting random things that I haven't finished. Hopefully this will push me to finish this monster quickly though!


  1. Whoa, great job, Cameron! Next stop: a squid head for your Daemon prince, right? ;-)

    Seeing your work on the Ork pirates may actually tip me over the edge concerning building my own Mordheim Orks. I am already collecting bitz...

  2. Very Nice, I really like the way you sculpted the head! Glad the tutorial helped out :)

  3. That's an amazing first attempt mate. Congrats!

  4. Thanks everyone.

    KrautScientist-Who knows! I do want to make a squid head. I quite like cephalopods. And they are fun to sculpt.

    LukyNo.5-The tutorial really got me started on actually doing it.

    Millsy-Thanks. I have a few more that I started and go nowhere with. I tried using sculpey (or fimo, can't remember) but it was not hard enough when baked.

  5. Fantastic work with the 'stuff. Your skills continue to improve and amaze. Keep up the good work!

  6. The link to the tutorial goes to the picture above, not to an outside tutorial. Any chance I can get that link?

  7. That looks amazing Cam. Speaking of amazing looking models the Ten Thunder Brothers for Malifaux are being released as a new faction in plastic.

  8. Aom-This should work. http://eyeoferror.blogspot.ca/2012/03/sculpting-octopus-like-tentacles.html?showComment=1330627546972#c9067057840402756717

    Matthew-Thanks. Your sculpts always inspire me.

    Sean- I saw them. I am glad Wyrd is doing plastics. I much prefer working with plastic.


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