Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pirate ork conversions

I've started some serious work on my pirate ork squad. My plan is to make about 25-30 of these for use in both Mordheim and Deathsquads skirmish games. I've been working on little bits for many different projects and so I haven't been posting my work up on here. All of the models are unpainted at the moment.

2 orks with hand weapons and a grot. Usually I put characters on higher bases but for this squad I am going to use the bigger bases to showcase some of the grots and other smaller models.

One with a bow and one with two hand weapons.

A grot on the remains of a small dock.

Nothing too exciting, but I am hoping they will look good together when they are all painted up. I have some more conversions I am almost finished and will post up later this week. Thanks for visiting.


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