Friday, August 31, 2012

More pirate orks

Finally, some more pirate orks mostly finished. I have to finish five of them for an exchange with someone else. These two are Nobs. First is Ironjaw.

The other Nob doesn't have a name yet. It also needs a new left arm. I tried to sculpt a piratey pistol but it didn't work. 

This blog has definitely been neglected a bit over the summer. I have a whole pile of half finished models that need some TLC. I've been busy racing bicycles and working. As the weather gets worse I should have more time to devote to models.

The new Dark Vengeance box set looks quite exciting. I've been looking at the pictures of the unassembled models and scheming about how to dedicate them to Nurgle. Almost too tempting to pass up. Keep checking back, as I should have more pirate orks, some Malifaux, and some Death Guard finished up in the next few weeks. Ciao.


  1. Nice Ork nobs! Seing your Ork pirates has inspired me to convert a couple of Orks myself, maybe as a Mordheim gang. I am already collecting parts...

    As for the cultists, you should find it pretty easy to induct them into your Traitor Guard! Some of them look pretty Nurgl-y as is, while the other will only need some minor conversions. If you're mainly in it for the cultists, you may want to wait until we know whether GW will release a separate (multipart) cultist kit, though.

    That said, the cultists in the starter box are very nice and the box is definitely worth the price of admission! I already painted some of the cultists, in case you're interested:

  2. I'm glad. Don't make them too fast though! You will put me to shame.

    Your cultists are looking great. I am really tempted to get the set and add rotting bellies to them all.


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