Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 pirate ork boys and a grot

At long last I have finished painting these ork pirates. The models are pretty simple conversions on custom bases. You can see these models before painting here. Overall I am pleased with how the models turned out. I tried a new recipe (based on the new Waaagh Flesh) for the skin and I am pleased with how it turned out. The blends are fairly smooth in most places and the skin doesn't look like it would glow in the dark. 

I have another batch of these models I am hoping to get painted in the next few days. I have two more nobs to complete as part of a commission/trade. Then I can get started on painting my own squad. I should be getting faster now that I have my general formula down.

This orc is from the WHFB 6th edition box.

This one is a warbiker torso with other fantasy and 40k bits.

This grot is from the plastic grot box. Parts of the model are great. The sculpt is really sloppy around the hands and feet though.

Thanks for visiting. This month should see a big increase in the amount of content I post up here. I have lots of projects to finish, a painting contest in October, and hopefully a few more commissions (check here for information on commissions). 


  1. Well, I've mentioned before how your pirate Orks are slowly pushing me towards doing my own little Mordheim gang...and this post may just have tipped me over the edge -- I hope you're proud of yourself ;-)

    Honestly, though: These are really nice! I love the paintjob and the palette you used. Looking at these makes me want to work on Ork models again! Great job!

    Definitely keep this up!



  2. Thanks. Don't get started too soon or you will finish before me... Hahahaha.

  3. So cam new Chaos book is out, going to finish those Deathguard any time soon? :)

  4. Have you seen my recent progress? Slow as a snail! Not sure if I can ever finish a full army! I have some plans to get back to them soon. Maybe with some allied daemons...


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