Saturday, November 10, 2012

Death Guard Rhino #1

I finished painting the first Rhino for my Death Guard army. I finished the conversion of this model in March, and started painting it, but didn't finish painting it until now. This is the first 40k vehicle I have painted. I decided to do as much of the painting as possible by airbrush. I only used a brush to apply weathering powders at the end. Most of the rust was done with the airbrush first. The model was base coated with Vallejo Model Air Duck Egg Green and then shadows were painted using Olive Drab. I used VMA Orange and Burnt Umber for the rust.

This model is definitely not perfect. I went way to heavy when painting the vents on the side of the vehicle and with adding the smoke to the smoke launchers. Fortunately I have two more models to rectify this problem on. For some reason I bought Space marine Rhinos (I think so I could get the two Razorback turrets, does anyone want to make a trade for two turrets?) so I built the Havoc Launcher out of plasticard tubing.

I airbrushed the nurgle sores as well. The purple colour will make more sense once I show some of the other models I am working on at the moment.

I tried using vallejo latex masking fluid on the model. I am not very happy with the round, blotchy areas of chipping it created. I sponged on some other damage and think it looks a lot better. I added the silver to the tracks and edges using a standard pencil.

Too much smoke. So ugly. I didn't put the doors on for some other unknown reason. I think I thought the sores looked cooler on the inside like this.

Thanks for visiting. I have two more rhinos ready for painting as soon as I get around to it. Comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Wow the purple sores really stands out! Hmm looks like i need to get a airbrush too, it seems to speed up painting and get better effects!

  2. I really like this! I've never used an air brush before although I have bought the gw one, its still unopened.

    The effect is brilliant, I can't see a lot wrong! Mind you, I think you have higher standards than myself

    My marine chapter is mainly purple, if I wanted to rust up some vehicles I'm wondering if the redish brown would clash?

    Also, which airs brush are you using?

    Thanks, ieuan

  3. Frankly i don;t think the smoke is over done. It works well with the rest of the dilapidated appearance. The only change would be to make it more directional maybe front trailing to back or down trailing to up?

  4. Are the images displaying strangely? In my browser they are appearing larger than the width of the space. Thanks.

    Ben-Thanks. The airbrush is only faster after lots of practice cleaning it!

    Ieuan-I think reddish brown would still look good on purple. You would just have to make sure the colours contrasted a bit so the rust didn't get lost on the model. I am using a Badger Renegade Krome airbrush at the moment. It is excellent.

    Zab-Thanks. I have some thoughts about how to lighten it up on the next few.

  5. I should also say, the ongoing arguments about weathering of vehicles is the reason I am a bit insecure about the weathering. People seem to have pretty strong opinions. I guess a 10,000 year old heretic rhino run by a nurgle army would have quite a bit of corrosion though! See this discussion on Bell of Lost Souls for more of the weathering argument

  6. Question of preference really. There is no "do" or "do not". I like your weathering, though whilst airbrush are wonderful things, don't forget your brushes too. Mixing the two techniques during weathering make for the best effects I think.

  7. Definitely true. I've been pushing myself to see what I can really do with the airbrush. This means it is often not really any faster and the brush definitely is better in many applications. I am trying to learn to use it for more detailed work too as it will eventually allow me to batch paint squads faster.

  8. Finally a Death Guard update! Just dont forget to use your brushes ;) Beautiful model

  9. Love your website. Would you mind if I shared some of your work on my blog if I post links back here?

    1. Of course! Feel free to share pictures. Post a link for me somewhere so I can check it out once you do. Thanks!

  10. Thanks Cameron. I've posted a few pics of your renegades with a link back to the full post here. Here's the link -
    Couldn't see your surname anywhere, but I'll add or alter anything you want me to.


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