Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Death Guard Rhinos #2 and #3

I painted another two Death Guard Rhinos. These models were painted in the same manner as the rhino I showed on Saturday. I made a few changes for these two. I added an additional highlight using the airbrush. I also painted a few more details (lenses, skulls, etc) by hand. The models were still very fast to paint. I think I spent 4-5 hours in total painting these two. I am also going to test out using this colour scheme on my infantry models. The lighter colour will provide more options for weathering and fun on the regular marine and terminator models. I've included an outline of the steps I used below.

To paint the base coat on these models I airbrushed Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Duck Egg Green over the whole chasis. I then painted shadows using VMA Olive Drab. I then did some light highlights in the center of the panels using VMA Duck Egg Green and White in a 1:1 ratio. At the time the highlights did not look good but they make a nice effect on the final model. I painted the rust areas with VMA Burnt Umber and then highlighted them a little with VMA Orange and Burnt Umber roughly mixed. I used the VMA Burnt Umber to airbrush on large stains on the model.

Rhino #2
I then weathered the model using a sponge and a mix of Charred Brown and black (any dark brown works). Next I applied Secret Weapon Brown, Orange, and Terracotta weathering pigments to the rusted areas of the model. I lightly ran a pencil over edges that would receive lots of wear to show where metal was showing through. I airbrushed VMA black lightly over areas where smoke would build up.

Finally, I painted the sores using Citadel Xereus Purple and Screamer Pink. I roughly mixed black and purple and then highlighted up to a mix of pink and white using the airbrush. I painted the lights and eyes using VMA blue, VMA light sea blue, and VMA white (lenses over eyes with a brush, lights on rhino with the airbrush). The skulls got a coat of Deneb Stone and the washed with Devlan Mud.

Rhino #3.

So does this mean my Death Guard will be getting finished/painted now? I am not sure. My airbrush practice has inspired me to go back to them and work on them some more. I think I can now paint them much faster. I need to see how well I can varnish these models without destroying the weathering pigments. In the future I will varnish models before applying pigments and then lightly airbrush some matte varnish on to just seal the pigments. Thanks for visiting!


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