Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Painted modular 40k canal terrain

Here are some pictures of my painted modular canals. I started this project a year ago and even included a tutorial on how to build modular canals. At the time I promised they would be painted by the end of the month. Oops! I guess I was waiting to improve my skills. The first set is completely painted now. After the jump are more pictures and some information about how I painted them.

These models were actually really quick to paint. I painted chips and wear on the side using a sponge and brown and silver paint as I showed in this tutorial on chipped metal. I used a big sponge brush and painted it very quickly. I then used my airbrush to airbrush rust stains in places (used Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber).

I then painted the water areas using a mix of a dark green and black (craft paints). While it was still wet I put a line of light green down the center. I then used a large brush to roughly blend it in the center of the water section. I was careful to use long strokes along the length of the water to ensure there were no places where the lines stopped.

To seal the model I quickly coated them in matte varnish (Testors Dull Coat). I used Americana "Triple Thick" gloss varnish on the water. I painted it on with a brush, once again being careful to keep the brush strokes in the same direction as the water.

This all went very quickly. I probably spent only 2 hours or so after the initial grey base coat. The pieces are modular and can be arranged in a wide variety of different ways. These sections are 6 feet in total. Once I paint the other sections the versatility will be greatly increased.

Sorry for the flash in the pictures. These pieces wouldn't fit in my photo booth very well, so I had to use the camera flash. Flash + gloss varnish = trouble. Thanks for visiting. Come back soon for more terrain and painted models. I have a few more finished projects to post in the next few days.


  1. Those turned out looking fantastic - great work!

  2. The linear blending is nice and gives a sense of movement to the water/sludge areas, as does the brushed on gloss. I'd say you nailed it. Really nice job.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm glad you think the colours and gloss look good. I wasn't sure how they would turn out. I wanted to use water effects but I didn't want to have to make any little dams at the ends to keep it all together.

  4. They look fantastic..!

    I may follow your example when I have some flat boards.

    Right now though whilst using the Realm of battle boards, I think I'll have to try out the old weed matting and builders caulk technique because of the uneven ground.

  5. Cameron, these look terrific. A very dramatic toxic sludge and ooze 'feel' to them - well done, Sir!

  6. Nice depth to that water effect. Very cool sir.

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Sidney-That is exactly what I was going for. I really wanted a durable surface as well as it is quite a large area and will inevitably have models standing on it and things.

    Dai-Glad it looks to have depth as the final varnish is actually quite thin. I am surprised by how shiny the finish is. It really looks very glassy in person (which is what I wanted).

  8. I like it. Pretty simple to do, and painjob is awesome.
    Guys over here in my LGC ask to make some canals, and i think i'm gonna steal the idea.


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