Friday, November 16, 2012

Works in progress

Here are some work in progress pictures of some Death Guard, Dark Vengeance model, and a Trollblood. After a brief period of finishing a model before starting the next, I am back to half-finishing projects. I've been playing around with lots of different things on my airbrush and trying some new techniques.

I've started on Lord Kranon from Dark Vengeance. I airbrushed all of the parts painted so far. I experimented a bit with masking with silly putty. It works well if you get it all off right away. If you don't, it will harden and damage the paint underneath. Lesson learned.

Using the techniques from my Rhino painting spree I started painting some terminators and a dreadnought (I mean helbrute). The models look pretty bland right now but hopefully they will look better as I add more colour.

I've started pinning most of my models into wood blocks for painting. It makes things much easier and is a lot more comfortable on my hands.

Here is a trollbloods model I am slowly working on. It has been pretty slow as I don't have my colours down for Warmachine and have been a bit apprehensive about painting it.

Finally, here is a paint tray I sacrificed to an airbrush experiment. I watched a short tutorial on painting a plasma effect and tried it out using white and a 15 year old pot of scorpion green. The effect came out alright for the five minutes it took me. I'm not sure if it has a place on many 40k models, but it would be really fun to paint on something really over the top. Any ideas? Anyone have any vehicles they want to look shocking?


  1. the plasma effect test on the tray and the death guard are rather awesome! very interested to see them finished.
    also could you explain what you mean by not having your colours down for machine?

  2. Thanks Scarecrow. I just mean that I am a bit uncertain about how the colours will work out for some parts of the warmachine model. It is just different than anything else I have painted.

  3. ah, ok =) well I look forward to seeing where you take it regarding colour scheme.

  4. I really dig the terminators and dread - those are really coming along nicely. Can't wait to see more!

  5. Loving your airbrushing techniques! I'm hopefully getting an airbrush kit for Christmas and will no doubt use some of your techniques.

    On an aside I'd like to put my blog up for your blog exchange - you're already on mine.


  6. Thanks Frozen reflection. Airbrushing is fun but can be frustrating at first. Make sure to keep it clean! I added you to the blog exchange.

    Mordian 7th-Thanks. Hopefully I will have them done soon.


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