Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chaos cultist test model

This model was a test model I quickly painted to test a colour scheme for a Necromunda Chaos Cultist squad. This model is one of the new plastic cultists from the Dark Vengeance box set. I speed painted it, only doing quick washes and few highlights. I have decided to discard this colour scheme, but I thought I would post up the model regardless.

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I based this model on one of the industrial bases I had previously built. The tutorial on building these bases can be found in my tutorial building custom industrial bases.

I painted the blue and black on this model using the airbrush. I based the blue with hark turquoise. I mix the layers using a bit of black and white to create the highlights. I masked off the blue and painted the black using black and German Black from Vallejo Model Air.

I painted the yellow on the gun by masking it off and quickly shading it with the airbrush. The white mask was based in Dheneb Stone and the was washed.
Overall, this theme is alright. It was quick to paint up. I wanted to try a bright colour scheme for use in Necromunda. I have decided to go with a darker, red Word bearer cult colour scheme. Hopefully I will get a few painted soon to share on here.
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  1. I think a coat of gloss varnish on the green liquid would really make that base special.

    Very nice scheme, shame you're not going with it.

  2. Looking great, man! Looking forward to seeing the next one!

  3. Dai-I plan to add the gloss to the water in the future. Just matte varnished it the other day.

    Hopefully I will have another test scheme done soon. Hopefully the local Nercomunda group will get more organized after the holidays!

  4. Not a big fan of this colour scheme i'm afraid. I really like the painting style and techniques used though. I'm quite interested that you use an airbrush to paint at this scale. As mentioned before I like the basing, they add great character. Have you had a look at the realistic water/water effects products? Expensive but they have a great finish.

  5. That looks all fine and dandy put I would have expected by now it would look more like this army :)

  6. Those look incredible, Sean. I have spent a lot of time looking at that blog and the armies they produce. I know a lot of it is airbrushed. Maybe I should play around and see if I can do that for the green colours.

  7. Looking at it more closely, I think the vast majority of it is brush painted. The colour choice is just so perfect that the broad highlights work perfectly. A stunning collection.

  8. Also, I will never stick to a project/paint style for long enough to paint that many models!

  9. Ya there are some amazing armies out there. How is your FoW stuff coming, are you getting to play any games?

  10. I've played three games now. I am definitely still learning the rules.

    I actually just finished four flames of war models. I will post them shortly. They took me a lot longer to paint than I expected. Is that a Tiger 1 in your picture?

  11. Pictures are here:


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