Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Showcase: Painted shipping containers

I've finished the painting of the first five shipping containers. In the first parts of this series I showed how to build shipping containers, how to paint shipping containers, and how to airbrush graffiti onto the models. In this post I will show the first five completed models. I will show some pictures with models for scale. I will also show how they all nicely fit into a box for transportation and storage.

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In all, I have started construction of fourteen storage containers. The models are fairly fast to build and paint. Nevertheless, I have run out of steam a little for the time being. I may modify the paint jobs on a few of them to represent different items in an industrial setting. Once finished, this project should store nicely and cover a reasonable amount of a table with terrain.

The storage containers each fit into a small box I bought for $2 at a craft store. Once finished, the box will hold 14 models and will be easy to store and transport.

I added small strips of magnets to the top of some boxes and the bottom of others so that they could easily be connected somewhat securely. You can see the magnets in the image above.

I made a template to airbrush "orks" onto the containers as well. I was a little sloppy with it though. But the Orks would be too...

The shipping containers can be used in many different configurations in a game. Here you can see some orks and imperial renegades doing battle around the storage containers.

That's all for now. In a few weeks I will finish building and painting the rest of these. I am looking forward to the opportunity to use these in a game. If you are interested in building some for yourself, I have included links below on how to build and paint shipping containers.

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Other shipping container links


  1. I had a similar idea for making these with corrugated cardboard, but I thought it wouldn't look that great, but this proves me wrong. The graffiti really sells it I think. Nice work!

  2. Thanks.

    Cpyke-this corrugated card is slightly smaller scale than regular corrugated card, which really helps with the effect. Any corrugated card would help to create the nice textured effect.


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