Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 review and goals for 2013

Painted for 2012 Prisoner Exchange.
Another year complete. Although it is a cliche, I'd like to post a quick year in review entry. This blog will review my goals from last year, the models I painted this year, and will preview what I hope to achieve in my hobby pursuits in 2013.

2012 in review
Last January, I set some goals for myself for 2012 in the hobby world. Last year I previewed a few projects I was hoping to complete this year.

Pirate Orks
Painted for a trade
I made some progress on pirate orks this year. I really enjoyed building and painting them. The only downside is that I ended up sending most of them away as part of exchanges and trades. As a result, I have kind of lost my momentum in building them. I enjoyed building them but will probably not continue to build an entire squad of them.
Painted for the Prisoner Exchange
Death Guard
Almost done!
My goal had been to complete a playable Death Guard army by the middle of the year. Unfortunately I tried to complete the project too quickly and with too many large conversions. A lot of the models are currently sitting around half painted. I need to put a few hours of love into these models to get them playable.
In progress
3 rhinos finished
Half finished.
I painted a few pieces of terrain this year. Mostly, I just practiced airbrushing on terrain I had already completed. I built my shipping containers in December, finished some Mordheim terrain, and painted some canal sections.

2012 overall
Overall, I don't think any large projects were totally completed. Throughout the year I painted a wide variety of different things. Part way through the year I switched my focus from finishing armies to painting more random models as my interests changed. I am always trying to improve my painting and find that I rarely want to paint something the same way twice (making it difficult to complete a project!). I painted 33 models throughout the year, much less than I would like.

2013 Goals

Paint more models than I buy
I have a serious backlog of unpainted and partially painted models. Not as bad as many people, but I seriously have models from when I was twelve years old that I have not painted yet. I also have a whole bunch of models that I have painted to 80% complete that I just need to sit down and finish. To this end, my goal is to paint at least four models before purchasing another model. I will also try to paint all of the models for a given faction or army before purchasing any more models for it.
He has 19 lonely unpainted friends.
Play more games
I really enjoy playing games but have been hampered by my unfinished models. To this end I will attend more open gaming nights and sometimes paint models to just a tabletop standard to ensure that I have some playable forces. For Flames of War, I will paint my British Armoured Division quickly, so that I can play with a regular gaming group. I will try to have 1,500 points painted by the end of March.
Four painted, ~16 to go.
Post regularly
This blog really helps to motivate me to paint models. I enjoy the online blogging community and how it pushes me to improve my skills. To this end, I will post at least four times per month in 2013. Sometimes life gets busy and interferes with painting time, but I will endeavor to regularly post updates to this blog.
I really enjoyed doing some one off models like this Imperial Fist terminator.

Paint regularly
My goal is to paint five models each month. It can be terrain or old models or anything. I just need to paint five completed models each month, at a minimum.

Enter a painting competition
I entered one contest this year, without really preparing for it. This year I would like to try and paint a competition worth piece. Plan it out well in advance and paint it to the best of my abilities. It will be a different approach for me but I will try to do it.
Not being entered in a painting contest!

Thanks for reading this long winded review of 2012 and preview of 2013. Overall, 2012 took me many different places than I expected. When I look back at my interests last year I can see how much they have changed. My overall goal is to continue to paint models, push myself to improve, and to keep trying new things. Thank you to everyone who has commented on this blog. You have helped me to improve and always push me to try new things. Thanks to everyone who publishes their own inspirational blogs and to those who have taken time to introduce me to new games this year. Happy New Year!


  1. I suppose you need to look back with a critical eye over the year past but try to look at your journey as a hobbyist rather than the cohesion of the output.

    Some really sharp pieces that demonstrated a diverse range of talents and creativity. Inspiring stuff; Your demo expert from the exchange sold me on the Death Squad forums and made me want to resurrect my guard.

    I think I'd be happy with appropriating your goals for 2013; Fortunately I didn't keep count of models going in/out in 12:).

  2. Thanks horrid. I am pleased with the different things I put together this year. I had just hoped to be more focussed this year and to finish more projects. Glad that the demo expert inspired you to join DS. you should do the exchange this year (if it happens!).

  3. Well, there was a lot of great content on this blog in 2012, so I wouldn't feel too unproductive if I were you...

    Personally speaking, I would really love to see you working on the Death Guard some more, since some of those conversions are truly stellar, and the finished pieces so far have been mouth-wateringly good.

    One piece of advice, if I were actually in any position to give anyone painting advice, would be to find an even better, workable middle-ground between working with the brush and airbrush: While your terrain pieces done with the airbrush are rather lovely, your (brush-painted) traitor models have a kind of grittiness that I simply love and that could be easily lost when over-relying on the airbrush. I hope you understand what I mean, since there seems to be no way to say this without sounding like a self-important bastard ;-)

    Anyway, great blog! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks Krautscientist. I really do need to finish some more of the Death Guard.

    The airbrush question is an interesting one. I have been trying to push myself to use the airbrush more at the 28mm scale as I feel that it is an area that has not been fully explored yet. I know the look and results are not for everyone, but I have been trying to push what I can do with it. I agree on the brush painting though. I've been planning to paint some of the new DV cultists in a rougher style as I think there are some models that pull this off beautifully. Before, I had always thought that really smooth transitions were the only thing to aim for, but now I am beginning to see more of the beauty in more textured highlights and higher contrast highlights.

    Thanks for all of the insightful feedback.


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