Monday, January 21, 2013

Showcase: Flames of War Sherman Vs

Here are another four Sherman Vs for my 11th. Armoured Division armoured squadron. I painted these models in a similar fashion to the other platoon I posted. With these models complete I now have the HQ and two minimum mandatory platoons for an armoured company. All of these models are the Shermans from the new Open Fire starter box for Flames of War.

Life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks so I am mostly just going to post up pictures. But that is what you wanted to see anyways. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments.

I added lots of tracks as many pictures of late war Shermans show tracks welded to the hulls and turrets as improvised armour. 

Platoon commander. I really like the more realistic facial details on the plastic tank commanders when compared to the hand sculpted metal infantry and tank commanders. 

I added rust to the track links on the hull using Secret Weapon rust pigments as a thin wash with isopropyl alcohol. They will be dulled down a bit further once I matte varnish them.

Up next I have two M10cs assembled and base coated. I also primed half of a platoon of US paratroopers. A tank aces campaign is starting at my local store this week. I have the models complete for the first week. I just need to finish the M10s for later in the campaign and possibly add another Firefly or two. I really need to get my hands on another set of Open Fire British tanks to round out my squadron. Anyone have a set of unused Shermans and Fireflys lying around? I'd be quite happy to trade or buy them.

Thanks for visiting. Comments and constructive feedback are always welcome. 


  1. These are marvellous, mate: I'm steaming with envy!

    May I ask, though: Where did you get your decals from? Or did you freehand them *gulp!*?

    The ones I have are disappointingly large, but I'd be very willing to red-do them.

    I particularly like the battle damage too...

    NB: I think mine are on my most recent post if you fancy a glance - any advice most happily taken!

  2. Thanks Admiral Drax.

    The decals are from Dom's Decals. Freehand that small would be crazy! I will definitely check your models out.

  3. Nice work on the british armour. I especially like the way that the commander has turned out. The wear effects to the metal on the edges look great and are really complemented by the streak effects from it. I recently purchased Open Fire and I only really got them for the Germans, I will get back to you once i've checked out the postage rates to the Artic Circle ;)

  4. Hey, its the guy that asks about the camo colors on the tigers here. Just have one question if you don't mind. I got the open fire box set to get my hands on some plastic bf models and I've been particularly focusing on german armor, but I've been trying to research a good overall color scheme for the green body and turret on the lend lease sherman and firefly tanks. I've seen guys use a variety of colors but the ones in this article and the command shermans have a nice hue to them. I don't know if its me but the command shermans seem to have a bit more appealing look and realism to them than the shermans shown here (not that these aren't fantastic). If it isn't a hassle would you mind sharing what colors you used and any modulation techniques as well for the shermans. Would appreciate it.

    1. I totally agree on the newer ones being nicer. I used the same colours but applied them a bit differently.

      For both I used a white primer. I then airbrushed Vallejo Model Colour WW2 Russian Uniform green over the basecoat. The newer ones I thinned the paint and did it very light, making the model lighter overall. I then added shadows using Vallejo model air Olive Drab. Not really very much modulation. For the newer ones I pinwashed the details and added streaks using oil colours, resulting in some variation and a brighter overall look. I've not really successfully found a lighter tone to use to add a dramatic highlight to the Shermans. You could try mixing a little white with the Russian Uniform to add a more extreme highlight.

  5. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback so much, keep up the good work.


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