Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tutorial: Painting Ambush Camouflage

In this tutorial I will show you a quick way to paint a German World War II ambush camouflage pattern using an airbrush. This method is pretty quick and should work nicely over entire vehicles. I built some schurzen (side armour on German tanks) out of plasticard to test different patterns and techniques. The Flames of War website has an excellent tutorial on Panther camouflage on their website that inspired a lot of my experiments.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial: Turretless Stuart Conversions

In this post I will show how I converted turretless Stuart jalopies out of Flames of War Stuarts with turrets. I used parts from the new Open Fire box and M5A1 and British Stuart V tanks from Battlefront. The turretless Stuarts are an option in the new Market Garden 11th. Armoured Division lists. Battlefront has a model for US turretless Stuart conversion kits, but they cost $12 in addition to the base tanks, use .30 calibre instead of .50 calibre machine guns and come with US crew. So I decided to slightly convert them myself.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Showcase: FoW M10 Achilles

I finished painting two M10c Achilles Tank Destroyers for my 11th. Armoured Division squadron. The models were painted in a similar manner to the Open Fire Shermans I have already painted. These models were a lot of fun to paint and have been quite successful on the tabletop so far. More photos after the jump.

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